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Unlocking Student Flight Discounts: The Forex Card Advantage

How can you save more with a forex card? Student Flight Discounts are a great hack to help you get the best deal on flight tickets.

The hack to get student flight discounts: know how to save more! 

As a student, scoring cheap flight tickets can make a big difference to your budget for exploring the world. While flight discounts for students offered by airlines present a great opportunity, making international payments to book these discounted flights can be quite cumbersome and expensive. This is where forex cards can make the process much simpler and cost-effective for students. This article is for all students who are looking to save more! You will learn how Forex cards can help students maximize savings on flight bookings by facilitating easy international payments on discounted fares.

How Forex Cards Help Students Save More

Forex cards or prepaid travel cards have emerged as one of the most student-friendly options for international payments in recent times. These cards allow you to pre-load multiple foreign currencies to pay for travel bookings, accommodations, food, local transport, and everything else when overseas.

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Here’s how Forex cards unlock bigger savings for students on flight bookings:

  • Zero cross-currency conversion fees: Unlike banks, Forex card providers charge exact interbank exchange rates with no hidden costs. This already slashes the payment overhead by 2-3%.
  • Special student discounts: Forex card providers offer exclusive student discounts on Forex card purchases to save further on currency conversion costs. This can go up to Rs.500-1000 in bonuses.
  • Payment in foreign currency: When you pay in the airline’s local currency via a forex card, you avoid the 3-4% credit/debit card international transaction fee imposed in Indian rupees.
  • Better exchange rates: You get better exchange rates on student flight bookings via Forex card compared to paying in INR through Indian payment methods. 
  • Zero interest and cash advance costs: Forex cards have no credit limits, interest charges, or cash advance fees like overseas credit cards. You spend only the forex loaded on the card.
  • Locked-in rates: Reload forex cards at favourable rates for upcoming travel bookings, locking in the rate despite currency fluctuations later. 
  • Accepted globally: Forex cards are accepted worldwide across 30 million merchants and ATMs, offering ease of payment during study abroad travel.

With this multitude of benefits, forex cards have clearly emerged as the most lucrative way for students to pay for international flight bookings today.

Maximizing Savings With the Right Forex Card

However, to enjoy the complete cost savings and convenience of Forex cards for your student flight bookings, you need the right card tailored to your requirements. Here are some tips to get the most value out of your forex card:

  • Choose an internationally accepted Visa or Mastercard Forex card over limited domestic cards to avoid payment issues abroad.
  • Opt for a card with low reload and ATM withdrawal charges to manage expenses smartly during travel.
  • Check for special student discounts and offers on the forex card to further reduce currency conversion costs.
  • Compare exchange rates and fees across forex card providers to get the best deal.
  • Look for a card with a good online loading facility, multi-currency capacity, mobile app support, etc. for greater convenience.
  • Apply for the Forex card from a reputable provider that offers personalized support and guidance.

By selecting the right Forex card, you can enjoy seamless, cost-effective payments for student flight discounts and complete peace of mind during study-abroad travel.


Student flight discounts can unlock great savings for budget-conscious students looking to satiate their wanderlust. However, steep international payment costs often eat away at these discounts to a large extent. By opting for specialized forex cards over mainstream payment tools, students can now maximize their savings on global airfare thanks to interbank exchange rates, built-in discounts, and zero conversion/transaction fees. Spend the savings from flight tickets to explore more destinations instead!

So, next time you plan to book flights abroad, get your own Forex card and keep more of your hard-earned money for travel experiences rather than excessive payment charges. The student forex card advantage can unlock the true potential of student flight discounts.

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