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Fun, Sun and Sand in Ranikor

Fun, Sun and Sand in Ranikor


Fun, Sun and Sand in Ranikor


A day of fun, Sun and Sand was celebrated at Pamdaba, Ranikor, situated at the banks of River Kynshi, which is one of the most attractive rivers of Meghalaya. It’s near the Bangladesh border.The river which originates from a small town called Rilang, stretches up to 15 to 16 kms. The 2015 Ranikor, two day beach festival, was organized by the South West Khasi Hills District Officers Welfare Association. It was an opportunity to showcase the huge eco-tourism potential.

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The surrounding rock cliffs with forest and the clear blue waters add to the scenic beauty landscape of Ranikor. The waters of Ranikor offer ample scope for water sports. One of the best fishing spots and a hotspot for anglers: golden mahseers, golden carp, silver carp etc are found in abundance. Besides fishing this place is also known for a large variety of birds, which often migrate to this region.


It is 120 km from Shillong and roughly, a 4hr drive through the shortest route from Mawsynram, the wettest place on Meghalaya and not Cherrapunjee. However, travelers are advice to take the longer route via Mawkyrwat as there are fewer potholes.

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Various tents were available for rent on the campgrounds for weary travelers, who wanted to spend a day by the beach, where ample security was provided. The festival also featured various activities to keep people entertained, for the whole day.


The events included , fashion shows, beach contests, live DJ and band performances in the evening, the beach volleyball and football and opportunities to swim and explore the River Kynshi from the various kayaks, canoe and to the local river boats used by the local fisherman.

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The soft, white sand of the Ranikor beach glistened as it joyfully reflected the sun’s ray covering all toes with every step. The subtle river sparkled, as every stroke of the boat’s paddle strolled on the river surface. Crystal-clear water stretched far into the horizon getting darker and deeper, with the massive hills at the outer banks, maintaining its serenity.


Like me, people looked at it as an opportunity to get away from the bitter cold of Shillong and escape to the humid beauty of Ranikor. It was a day filled with activities for both, families and young people, who were still not out of Valentine’s Day’s celebration spirit. Every piece on the beach was like a prime real estate land. People were either lazily lying around on the sandy beach or laughing and embracing and merry making even as the sun was setting.

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With the evergreen mountain ranges and the River Kynshi running through Ranikor, it is one of the most exciting sites to visit in Meghalaya, which not only refreshes the visitors but also provides them great opportunity to view the diversity and the customs of the tribes in Meghalaya. Ranikor is quite famous if you want to admire the rich flora and fauna and some rare species of fishes and migratory birds. Ranikor is a quiet place, which is not as crowded as other tourist spots of Meghalaya but it needs better road connectivity, proper planning and signboards along the way, like any tourist location within Meghalaya for the convenience of the tourists.


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