Complete Guide to HDFC ERGO Car Insurance: Features & Benefits

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance: Providing Easy and Smooth Services

HDFC ERGO provides a huge variety  of products related to insurance. These may comprise health, travel, motor, home, property, accident, liability insurance covers, and more. With more than 120 branches across 106 cities across India, HDFC ERGO provides unbeatable services and security against several unforeseen events to its customers. It is designed particularly for providing innovative products and services to fulfil every possible need of a person. They have been upgrading their plans as per the high-speed generation, ultimately becoming one of the best insurance providers who take care of their customers efficiently. They have received a rating of iAAA for having the maximum claim settlement ratio of 99%.

HDFC ERGO car insurance is one of their prime and most-used products. They take care of every possible emergency arising in their customers’ lives by enabling a sense of peace within them. Read on to know about HDFC ERGO car insurance, their benefits, features, and more. 

Benefits of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

Besides offering easy policy rules to make the procedure smooth, this car insurance policy offers various other benefits. They are as follows:

  • They offer various add-on covers like roadside assistance, no claim bonus, zero depreciation cover, and more.
  • They provide one of the highest claim settlement rates with a ratio of 99%.
  • They offer an easy renewal process with their online presence without any requirement of length documentation procedures.
  • They also provide overnight repair services, thereby helping their customers get several types of damages repaired with zero hassle. 
  • They also offer free pick-up and delivery services.

Features of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

Here are a few key features of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy:

  • HDFC ERGO offers a third party car insurance option to cover third party damages or legal liabilities. 
  • They offer assistance by providing financial security against the treatment expenses arising due to an accident. This ensures the health of the insured through HDFC ERGO’s personal accident cover. Several offers are also available to provide coverage for the co-passengers with minimum adjustments in the plan’s premiums. They offer an insurance cover to the drivers and the owners up to an amount of ₹2 Lakhs incase of death, permanent disability, and accidental injury.
  • HDFC ERGO provides claim and emergency assistance 24*7. With their high claim settlement services, they are one of the most trusted insurance providers. Their online presence allows a hassle-free claim settlement process, ultimately making the entire process seamless for their customers.
  • They have more than 7200 garages offering cashless services across India. 
  • HDFC ERGO provides its customers with incentives such as no claim bonus for not claiming any amount during their policy tenure. Here are the several discounts available as per this benefit:
  • 1 year free of claim: 20%
  • 2 years free of claim: 25%
  • 3 years free of claim: 35%
  • 4 years free of claim: 45%
  • 5 years free of claim: 50%
  • HDFC ERGO car insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage to protect the insured vehicle against damages and losses arising due to natural or man-made disasters. 

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Types of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy

The different types of plans under the HDFC ERGO car insurance policy are as follows:

HDFC ERGO Single Year Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance provides roundup benefits by securing the insured car against losses and damages, third party liabilities, and personal accidental coverages for a span of one year.

HDFC ERGO Long Term Comprehensive Car Insurance

This insurance policy covers the third party liabilities, personal accidental losses, and various other damages to the insured car for a long period of time.

 HDFC ERGO Standalone Damage Cover

This insurance plan covers only the policyholder’s insured car. Under this insurance policy, the insured receives protection against damages or losses caused to the insured vehicle under unforeseen circumstances. These events may comprise fire, lightning, explosion, self ignition, earthquake, flood, storm, landslide, theft, strikes, terrorist activities, accident, and more.

HDFC ERGO Third Party Car Insurance

This insurance policy provides security against the third party damages arising due an accident involving their insured car. This is one of the most important coverages since it has been made mandatory by law to possess it to be able to drive a car legally on the Indian roads. This is in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. 

List of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Plans

Here is the list of the HDFC ERGO’s insurance plans:

HDFC ERGO Silver Car Insurance Policy

This insurance policy offers an add-on feature of zero depreciation cover. This implies that the insured can receive the full claim amount without any depreciation or deductions.

HDFC ERGO Gold Car Insurance Policy

This insurance plan comes with an add-on benefit of loss of usage protection in addition to zero depreciation cover. 

HDFC ERGO Platinum Insurance Policy

This insurance policy brings along an add-on feature of gearbox protection, no claim bonus protection, in addition to zero depreciation cover.

HDFC ERGO Titanium Insurance Policy

This insurance plan has various add-on covers like gearbox, engine, and no claim bonus protection, zero depreciation and consumables cover under it.

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Optional Coverages Under HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

Here are a few optional coverages available under this insurance policy:

Named/Unnamed Personal Accident Cover

This plan covers the policyholder, driver, or the co-passenger whose name has been mentioned in the policy document.

Non-electrical and Electrical Cover

This policy provides coverage to the accessories of the car comprising the music system, fog light, and more. Several non-electrical accessories such as the wheels, seat covers, and more are also included. 

CNG Kit Cover

This policy allows the policyholders to protect their car’s CNG kit. However, it is mandatory to mention about the installation of their CNG kit while buying the policy.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Add-on Covers

Here are a few add-on features offered by HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy:

Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on feature aids in stopping the insured car’s depreciating value. It also mitigates the depreciating value of its parts.

No Claim Bonus Protection

This add-on feature helps the policyholders get discounts on HDFC ERGO Car Insurance policy renewal if they do not make a single claim in a specific policy tenure. The bonus amount keeps increasing with each year with no claims. 

Consumables Cover

This add-on cover helps the insured save financially against expenses arising due to the damage of the consumable items such as screws, bolts, nuts, lubricants, grease, and more. These damages must have been caused as a result of fire, explosion, storm, flood, strikes, and more, in order to be able to claim for their coverage.

Roadside Assistance

This add-on cover helps the policyholder receive help in unforeseen situations/emergencies for flat tires, vehicular breakdowns. They will provide the towing facilities till their nearest network garage, fuel pumps, and more. HDFC ERGO provides the following services under this particular add-on feature:

  • Duplicate key
  • Towing vehicle
  • Changing tire
  • Repair services on-site
  • Replacement of the lost key, and more

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Gearbox and Engine Protection Cover

This add-on feature supports the insured financially by covering the repair costs caused to the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, and other differential parts. These damages must have been caused to the vehicle due to oil leakage, water ingression, and more. 

Return to Invoice

This add-on feature helps the insured recover the losses incase of car’s complete damage or theft. This cover helps to recover the vehicle’s IDV under the original insurance policy. The insured will receive the insured vehicle’s invoice value along with the insurance, registration fees, as well as road tax. The approval of this cover will get facilitated only if the below-mentioned conditions are fulfilled:

  • The vehicle has been recovered within 90 days after getting stolen
  • The police FIR is issued


HDFC ERGO offers an all-round coverage for vehicles, thereby enabling its users to drive around with a sense of security. With more than 7200 network garages, quick on-road solutions, easy claim settlement process, and multiple add-on benefits, this insurance cover offers the best returns.

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