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Here is the list of 5 Famous Awards of The World!

Here are top 5 famous awards of the World

Awards are the symbol of honour and respect. These awards are given with certain rewards. These rewards or prizes are dedicated to the best performers in the genres of sports, politics, science, writing, journalism, and films. The rewards may be in the different form, but they are to commemorate and zenith, the work done successfully with skill or effort of the individuals who have performed best in their respected fields.

Awards are given for the good work by the individual. Here are the top 5 famous awards of the World. These are awards for which people work really hard.

1. Nobel Prize:
Nobel Prize is named after Alfred Nobel and it was established in 1901. This is granted by Norwegian Nobel Committee, and Sweden Academy. Nobel Prize is the highest degree awards which are famous in category of Science, Arts, and Peace. It is the big recognition. This award is the biggest achievement of an individual, and it is the most ethical and prestigious award to be received in the field of Medicines, Peace, Science, and Economics.

Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize

2. Kalinga Awards: Kalinga Award was established by the founder of Kalinga Foundation Trust BijuPatnaik, in Odisha in the year 1952. This award is conferred by Indian Government, UNESCO, for the propagation and popularization of Science. Louis de Brogile from France, was the receiver of this award in 1952.

3. Oscars or Academy Awards:
Oscar awards are presented by Academy of Motion pictures along with Sciences and Arts and it was established in 1929. This award carries the great privilege in the cinema and everyone in it. This award is big achievement for the film industry. Emil Jannings was the first one to receive this award for the role of best actor. There are 24 different types of categories in which this award is presented and the vital ones are Best Animated Film, Best Editing, Best Original Score, Best Supporting actress and actor, Best Lead Actress and Actor, Best Original Song , Best Cinematography. Best Foreign Language, Best Writing, Best Costume, and many more.

4. Ramon Magsaysay Award: Ramon Magsaysay Award is presented by the Philippines in the honour of late President Ramon Magsaysay and established in the year 1957. This award is granted on annual basis on the 31st of August which h is the birth anniversary of Ramon Magsaysay. This award is dedicated for the exceptional offering in Literature, Public Service, Creative Arts, Community Leadership, International Understanding, and Journalism. This award is equivalent to Nobel Prize in the Asia.

The Palme d'Or Award
The Palme d’Or Award

5. The Palme d’Or Award: The Palme d’Or Award is given in order to honour the director of the movie and it was established in 1955. Most of the awards are meant for film celebrities, but not for the directors, so this award is very precious award for the film directors.

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