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5 Best Selling Energy Drinks In The World

Here are the 5 best selling energy drinks in the World

Do you know now-a-days energy drinks have become very famous among the youngster? These are the drinks that give physical and mental stimulation and contain caffeine. There are various energy products available in the market and energy drinks is a part of it.

Energy Drinks
Energy Drinks

These drinks might have amino acids, herbal extracts and sugar or some other type of sweeteners.

As per reports, in a study it was found that 66% of the people consuming the energy drinks belong to the age group of 18-35 yrs and out of that 65% of them are males.

Here are the 5 best selling drinks in the World.

1. Red Bull: Red Bull does not need any introduction, it is a well known energy drink that most of the people are consuming. It is produced by an Austrian company, Red Bull GmbH. The drink was first introduced in Thailand in amber color in the year 1987. Red Bull has the market slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. It contains 80mg per 250ml of caffeine in a single can. Red Bull is available in various variants and they are original, total zero, sugar free, red edition, blue edition, pink edition, orange edition, kiwi edition, silver edition, and many more.

Red Bull
Red Bull

2. Monster: Monster energy drink was produced by Hansen Natural Corp. in 2002. The drink is wrapped in a black can and has an M shape logo in green color on it. This brand is associated to several music brands like Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Five Finger Death and Maximum the Harmone. Also, the brand has been supporting sports like Motocross, BMX, UFC, and many more. This brand is also supporting very popular sport Formula 1since 2010. Monster energy drink is available in several variants and they are Lo-Carb, Regular, Khaos, Assault, M-80, M3, and many more.

3. Rockstar:
Rockstar was produced Rockstar, Inc. in United States and it was introduced in the year 2001. The company was the leading brand of energy drink in the year 2008 and had 14% market share. This company is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The drink contains caffeine and the drink is available with two caffeine levels, one is 10mg per oz and the other one is 15 mg per oz.

4. Lucozade: This drink was introduced for sick people with common illness as an energy source in the year 1927. The brand has been supporting many sports events, Lara Croft, Big Brother UK, Pro Evolution soccer, Formula 1 etc. Lucozade energy drink is available in various variants and they are cloudy lemonade, Caribbean crush, mixed fruit, original, pink lemonade, orange, melonade, cherry, and many more.

5. NOS:
Presently, the drink is manufactured by Monster Beverages and Holley Performance owns the license. Earlier, the drink was produced by Coca-Cola Company and was introduced in 2005 in United States. There are many variants in which the drink is available and they are NOS original, NOS GT Grape, NOS Cherried Out, NOS Rowdy, NOS sugar free and NOS Charged Citurs.

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