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Honest chat: Is Social Media taking away Professional Etiquette?

How social media is impacting Professional Etiquette?

All the successful people in this world will advise you not to bring work home. During an interview, superstar Shah Rukh Khan said that after reaching home he doesn’t use his phone which means he doesn’t take any call related to work after working hours. Now, here the question arises,  is it really possible in today’s era?  Where information is constantly overflowing, we people are never away from our phones. Above all, we have our seniors and bosses added to our social media accounts. Well, social media is impacting professional etiquette. The essence of  Professionalism is definitely fading away.

Is it okay to discuss work after working hours?

Is it okay to give up personal space for the sake of our career? 

In the social media age, it becomes very difficult to strike a work-life balance. For example – If your boss has sent an important message to you on WhatsApp after working hours so it would become difficult for you not to revert because blue tick says it all.  It has become very hard to separate personal and professional life today. Of course, work is work but is it okay to give up for personal life for the sake of an excellent career?

Millennials reactions were mixed 

Well, we asked this question to millennials. There were mixed reactions. Some were okay to work after working hours and some wanted their personal space. There were instances where employees were getting e-mails and messages from their seniors at 2 am also. Well, that is an alarming sign. Social media is killing professional etiquette. So, what one should do to strike that balance?

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9-5 is no more a standard working time 

It is important to keep in mind that 9-5 working hours in no more standard working hours. Today, things have changed. To make something big, you need to put some extra efforts.  As an employee, you need to become a little flexible.

Don’t force 

If you like to work late at night that is fine. But you need to understand others might not be comfortable with this idea. So, never expect an immediate reply. Everybody has their own priorities.

How social media is killing professionalism?

Don’t work on week offs, make it a norm 

Don’t take work-related calls on your week off. Be flexible during the work days, especially if you have big responsibilities. But you can’t give up your personal space. During your week offs, do not take work-related calls. Week offs are only and only meant for family.

Are your seniors on your social media account? 

Adding your seniors and bosses on social media is not a bad idea. It adds warmth to your relationship,  make sure it doesn’t create trouble for you. Sometimes when you add your seniors on your personal social media accounts, the professional and personal life gets mixed. And that could create a problem for you. Think twice before adding them.


Do not discuss work after working hours until or unless it is very important. If it is not important, then you should not discuss work after working hours. Ample amount of sleep and healthy food is equally important. But make sure that you become more flexible with the modern working style.

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