Annoying things that every ‘much in love’ married couple do on social media!

Married couples need to grow up their standards, here is why?

Love is a beautiful feeling and marriage is a wonderful outcome of it that everybody wants to experience. Married life is of course awesome, and it feels as if you want to share your happiness with everyone around. Weddings have become an occasion where couples want entire world to be a part of their dreamy wedding. Thanks to the social media, even this is possible now! But, wait sometimes this wedding couple annoy others because of their over exaggerated love for each other. They think that they are the only ones on earth to have gotten married and experience the myriad shades of marital bliss, and that can irritate other people added on their account.

Newlywed couple

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Unfortunately, due to social media action they forget that there is a dilute line between being up to date and putting your entire life on display. This is where Facebook etiquettes come into the picture for couples, especially the newlyweds.

Here are few annoying things that couples should stop doing right away!

1. Gushing over each other all the time: Yes, we know you have a loving spouse but you do not have to display affection for him/her on Facebook. Guys’ social media is not for this purpose. Imagine opening your profile in the morning, seeing all your married friends displaying pictures of coffees and sandwiches that their spouses, especially when it is the husband, prepare for them. Alongside comes some sugar-coated caption that can cause you diabetes. Lol! Special things that your spouse does for you need to be preserved in your memory forever. Why to share it with others?

2. Pictures that are a basic milestone for the couple: Have you completed a month as a newlywed, or you just bought your first photo frame together for your new house, or is it the second month anniversary of your kid calling you “dad/mom” for the first time? Thumbs up! You have such a sharp memory, but really guys, your friends do not want these updates. These things will not add in their general knowledge. It’s better to add it to your memory system. Also, posting your wedding photos in every six months with lovey-dovey hashtags is another thing that would truly begin to irritate your friends after a time. Celebrate the anniversaries but no need to update it everywhere.

A big No to cosy moments

3. Too cozy: A lot has been said and done about PDA or Public Display of Affection. What about the pictures that married couples post on their Facebook page? Does that count as PDA as well? The trouble is that some couples never know when to stop or rather where to stop! While some lovey-dovey pictures look really cute, some may make your friends hit the ‘unfriend’ or ‘hide’ button on your profile. So, make a note that posting photos of your honeymoon location is fine, but posting every intimate moment that you shared on the beach or in the room is really not something everyone wants to see.

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4. The ‘we’ couple: This is a limit; stop referring to yourself as ‘we’ or us. Just because you are married, does not mean you do not have an individual identity. Time of ‘two bodies, one soul’ is no longer appreciated. Wishing your common friends and relatives with a ‘we’ tag is understood, but wishing all the others with that ‘we’ line is just too much. And, here is something important! Please stop commenting on behalf of your better half, people. Even after getting hitched don’t forget to value your individual identity.

5. Updating a new couple perfect picture everyday: Nobody is interested to take couple goals on a regular basis from you. Yes, we know you two love each other, and we also know that you look great together. But your beautiful relationship and sizzling chemistry is for you to cherish. Do not put it out there for everybody to see. Trust us, most people just find it over-the-top and make fun of you behind your back for doing it. So, stop!

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