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India-Iran Chabahar Port Deal: A 10-Year Partnership Ahead

India and Iran are finalizing a 10-year deal for Chabahar port management, enhancing regional connectivity amidst geopolitical shifts.

India and Iran Seal 10-Year Pact to Elevate Chabahar Port Operations

India and Iran have signed a 10-year agreement to improve the operations at the Shahid Beheshti terminal of Chabahar port, which has been a long negotiation process. The pact, that is intended to be automatically extended out beyond a mere decade, symbolizes an important step in mutual ties, emphasizing India’s strategic vision to strengthen the linkages with Iran, Afghanistan, and the Central Asian countries.

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The longest negotiations, which lasted for three years, were mainly hindered by the disputes that came up surrounding the arbitration clauses. Nevertheless, these obstacles have been overcome and now the groundbreaking agreement is just a few steps away from being signed. Indian leaders headed by External Affairs Minister offered a special flight by Indian Air Force (IAF) from the capital New Delhi to Tehran in a clear sign of India’s foremost priority being the Chabahar port project.

India Aims for Long-Term Chabahar Port Deal with Iran, Says EAM Jaishankar | NewsTrack English 1

Sonowal’s visit which takes place in the midst of India’s scheduled elections reflects the country’s unchanging focus on the critical aspect of Chabahar’s strategic value. The port is the key to India’s ambitious plans for the regional connectivity, it is the alternative route to the International North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC), which avoids the congested Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.


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The agreement made at this juncture is especially symbolic since it comes at a critical time when China is considering investing in Iranian ports and other coastal facilities. Through the efforts of Tehran in the general aviation of the Chabahar port, India has responded by cultivating new regional ties to protect its interests in the region.

Although the details of how the arbitration jurisdiction problem was solved are not known, both parties showed a desire to overcome obstacles for their mutual benefit. Since the start of the operations by India Global Ports Ltd. (IGPL) in the Shahid Beheshti terminal, it is noticeable that the terminals has experienced a surge in bulk cargo from international destinations, therefore bringing to the fore, the role of the terminal as the major global trading hub.

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India’s investment in the creation of Chabahar port clearly highlights its attention towards the promotion of economic prosperity and peace in the region. Even though the geopolitical shifts such as Afghanistan’s changed status after Taliban rule, the long-standing partnership between India and Iran still exists and is opening up new roads for cooperation which is boosting regional connectivity and trade.

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