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7 Signs that indicate Divorce might be the right choice

7 Signs your marriage may be heading towards a divorce

Divorce has become quite common in today’s era and society. Where it was earlier considered bad and individuals were viewed with contempt, today that decision is considered good and healthy.

Every person has all the expectations from their married life and their partner and sometimes people do not get all the happiness which they expect. It is common to have differences between partners after marriage, but if it increases beyond the limit then it can becomes a problem. Every person has the right to take the decision in their life, so if you see these signs in your married life then you should consider a divorce.

1. Arguing on everything: If you and your partner are arguing and fighting over every little thing, then it is a sign that all is not well in your marriage. It is common to have differences and arguments between partners, but if you are fighting everywhere and on every little thing, then it means that the understanding between both of you is over.

2. Lack of emotional connection: To make every relationship successful, it is very important to have an understanding and emotional connection between the partners. If there is a lack of emotional connection between you and your partner in your marriage, then it is a sign that there is a lack in your married life and the reason for this may be not spending time together.

3. Partner is cheating: Extramarital affair is very common in this era and it is also punishable by law. Therefore, as soon as you come to know about this, talk to an informed person or a lawyer at that very moment. Whenever this type of situation comes, always talk to your partner in a safe environment.

4. Attempts are not made to save a relationship: Fighting, quarreling is common in every marriage or relationship, but when you and your partner are not trying to solve it, then it can prove to be a problem. Efforts are made from both sides and if one person is putting all the effort then it can be difficult to maintain the relationship.

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5. Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is quite common in Indian married life. Domestic violence is also a major crime and can be punished severely. If you have experienced domestic violence of any kind, whether mental or physical, it could be a sign that your marriage is about to end.

6. You have no interest in sex with your spouse: Maybe one of you wants sex and the other doesn’t. Maybe the two of you have put off the need for that close connection with each other. Whatever the reason, sexless marriages and marriages lacking affection will either end in divorce or become a marriage of convenience. One in which you live together for the kids or because you fear a change in lifestyle will bring about a divorce.

7. If a dowry is being demanded: Taking and giving dowry, both are punishable by law, yet the greed of dowry system has not ended in our society. Now it happens that marriage takes place without dowry but money is demanded after marriage. The girl is pressurized to bring money from her home. And when this is not the case, then atrocities are bestowed upon her.  But after saving the marriage and taking care of the honor of the parents, the girls bear everything and the parents also give money due to the happiness of the daughter. But where does all this end? Whoever puts such pressure once, they might put it anytime. Therefore, where money is given more importance than humans, how can any person be happy.

People who are bound in relationships can only bond with happiness. If there is no love, trust, trust, respect, and happiness in any relationship, then there will be neither warmth in the relationship nor the guarantee of keeping each other interested. Compromising with self-esteem weakens the foundation of any relationship. So don’t forget yourself and your self-respect. If you are happier by being separated then, of course, get consider getting divorced.

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