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Signs you may be in a Trauma bond relationship

A trauma bond relationship does not lead you anywhere, it's time to look out for the signs and make efforts to liberate yourself. 

Signs of trauma bond relationship: Don’t ignore them

A trauma bond relationship is based on the same amounts of rewards and punishments. It arises from the recurring cycles of abuse, making the sufferer stressed. Emotional abuse in a courting can be found in diverse aspects – from bodily abuse to the subtle disrespects and insults that can have an effect on us highly. But, in an emotionally abusive relationship, the reinforcement of affection via rewards makes the victim remain and he or she tries to work things out.

We frequently experience that the person we are with is inconsistent and unpredictable. The manner they behave and the reality that we experience is by no means predictable and thus we cannot make out what their subsequent response will be, which makes us fear them.

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We often observe that we are making excuses or protecting the accomplice for his or her reactions or actions, despite the fact that sometimes we are sure that the manner they behaved was inappropriate. 

We frequently consider letting go of the connection and finding a way out, but the idea of leaving the companion makes us feel uncomfortable.

The relationship can occasionally feel very intense and overwhelming. We often mistake the explosive language used in dating to be their language of love.

We frequently push away our desires because of the paradigm of the relationship, we were made to agree that the wishes of the partner are more essential than ours. In this process, we begin to lose our identity and experience an unfulfilled self. 

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The relationship is based on promises of the man or woman which they make no attempt to fulfill

We dread conflicts and arguments and subsequently, walk on eggshells in front of the partner, not to provoke a war of words.

The acts of displaying affection and love are inconsistent and make us feel harassed.

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