Sleep Divorce: Sleeping in Separate Beds Can Save Your Relationship

If you are waking up crazy with improper sleep because of your partner, then it’s time to get a sleep divorce.

Does your partner keep you up all night but for no good reason? Then, it’s time to file for divorce. Relax, we are talking about divorce during sleep. These days many people are taking a ‘Sleep Divorce’ from their partner. 

What is Sleep Divorce? 

When partners willingly choose to sleep in separate beds at night that they are maintaining a sleep divorce. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not having sexual relationships. In this concept, partners merely choose not to share a bed or might even sleep in different rooms. 

In 2020, a company named surveyed over 1000 US adults to find out exactly what their sleep habits were. Interestingly, 

  • 75% of them were having trouble sleeping due to their partners. According to the study, they were having poor sleep quality because of their partner.
  • Over 40% of couples have trouble sleeping due to different schedules. 
  • 36% of couples have trouble sleeping due to their partner’s constant moving. 
  • 15% of couples have trouble sleeping due to their partner’s gadgets. 
  • 5% of couples have trouble sleeping due to their partner’s sleep disorder. 
  • And 3% of couples have trouble sleeping due to their partners snoring. 

Sleep Divorce

All these people were having a troublesome sleep cycle due to their partners. Over half of them were having less intimate-romantic encounters and more fights. Some were even going as far as getting real divorces because of their disturbed sleep cycle. Moreover, women are twice as likely to be in this category facing troubled sleep.

However, men are lucky to have lesser sleep disruptions from their partners whereas women are more likely to be bothered or have their sleep disrupted due to their male partners sleeping habits. 

Therefore, it was concluded that sleeping in separate beds for some people can actually lead to better sex. 

How are sex and sleep interconnected?

  1. Sleep and sex happen in the same location: Most people prefer to have sex in their bedrooms and doze off in the same place. 
  2. Stress causes problems with sleeping and sex: Sleep deprivation can affect your sex life too. 
  3. There is a link between sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction: In men, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has been linked to erectile dysfunction.  

In women, it is also seen that there is more often sexual dysfunction after menopause and correlated sleep problems. 

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The reason why you should even try to fix this problem before getting a sleep divorce is that there are certain benefits of sharing a bed with your loved one. 

Benefits of sleeping with your partner

  • As per scientific studies, sleeping in bed with your partner has consistently been shown to lead to better sleep quality and even overall better mental health.  
  • It even reduces the risk of having OBS or insomnia when you share a bed with your partner. 
  • Even sleeping with a steady partner improves your sleep quality compared to those who are single or in a casual relationship. 
  • Interestingly, it can make your spouse sleep faster up to 10 minutes earlier than people who don’t share a bed with their partner. 

Sleep Divorce

So, falling asleep faster or shorter sleep latencies are associated with a greater length of REM sleep. 

What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep? 

REM sleep is important for memory and learning. The more of it you get, the more you are going to be able to learn and soak up knowledge the next day. Also, it leads to more emotional satisfaction and frequent orgasms as you focus more on sexual activity. 

So, together in bed, makes you better in bed! 

Hence, if you are not bothered by your partner’s snoring and you are getting good quality sleep, stay in the same bed. But if it’s disrupting your sleep quality; your partner is waking you up for no good reason; drag them for a medical checkup. 

However, if nothing works out for you two and you are still walking up like a zombie, getting a sleep divorce is not a bad option! It may save you from getting a real one. 

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