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How to deal with an overly expressive partner?

Tips to deal with overly expressive partner, Here is how you can communicate better?

Strong relationships are based on clear communication. Be it relationship expert or marriage expert, the best advice in a relationship is always to communicate your feelings openly. A lot of times, men and women complain that their partner doesn’t like to express. Well, one can find a lot of content on how to deal with a less expressive partner? But what if your partner likes to express a lot and you are not able to reciprocate. How to convey your feelings without hurting their feelings.

Recently, we got in touch with a relationship expert and talked about how to deal with an overly expressive partner.

Recently, actor Deepika Padukone also spoke about the same. During an interview with a leading daily, she said, “Ranveer is a tactile person and he likes to hug and kiss. Me and my family are different. I feel the same but I am less expressive.”

 deal with overly expressive partner

In a relationship, partners can have different approaches when it comes to expressing love. One might express it a lot with his or her gesture while the other one  can be a little less expressive ( It also depends on our upbringing and cultural differences too). In that case, an expressive partner might feel that there is a lack of interest or effort from the other side. It might leave them disappointed and can even give them self –doubt.

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Ways to deal with a partner who likes to express a lot!

If your partner expresses his or her feelings via texts, PDAs and through a lot of surprises, then you should always be appreciative. Always respect their feelings and efforts. While they do it all for you, they might expect the same level of investment.  Sometimes you might not feel like doing a particular thing but you say yes just to make them happy! It can include giving acceptance to their PDAs or even having sex without consent. If you are not comfortable just communicate. Remember not expressing love doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the same.

In case, if you are not able to reciprocate the same, then you need to openly talk to your partner. A relationship expert on Quora said, “My advice would be: sit with them, tell them VERY directly and VERY firmly. If you are woman, then  remember  (men don’t like ‘drama’ and ‘hysterics’) that there are certain things that you are not comfortable doing, that it’s no reflection on your feelings for him and that you must be true to yourself, and finally, that you understand that he might not want to continue the relationship (you must be prepared for that.) It could be a possibility.

But if there is a mutual understanding and love between the two of you, he will understand and allow you that space.

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Tips to deal with over expressive partner

  1. Don’t stop them from expressing themselves. It’s fine because it is their way of showing love.

2. Try communicating that you love them, it’s just you are not expressive like them.

3. Try to strike a balance but do not compromise with your boundaries. Say No if you feel like saying No to certain things.

4. Appreciate their efforts and randomly drop compliments so that they feel valued.


It is not important to prove your love by just saying. You can always express yourself with your gestures and commitment. There is no secret to a successful relationship. All you need is clear communication and pre- defined boundaries. One should try to respect other’s point of view. Just like Deepika Padukone revealed that Ranveer is a tactile person and she is not but remember their core values remain the same.

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