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Best Man Responsibilities: Before, during & after wedding responsibilities

 Have you ever thought about why The best man is more than just a glorified groomsman?

If you are reading this, then you may want to know about it or have been chosen by the groom to be The Best Man at his wedding! Here is an official guide to best man responsibilities, here is all he has to do.

Well, in that case, Congratulations! 

Because, you have been honoured with the toughest, exhausting, popular and demanding role in a wedding party. The best man is indeed the most popular person at the wedding, apart from the couple.

The Best Man
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What does it mean to be the best man?

When you are The Best Man, you are the head groomsman & is considered a sign of great respect and sacred responsibility. A successful Best Man wins the gratitude of not only one of your friends but everyone at the wedding and also you will be praised for the entire contribution from everyone as the efforts you make, never go unnoticed.

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Who usually becomes the best man?

The best man is believed to be the groom’s right-hand at the wedding who stands by the groom’s side to support and assist in any way possible before, during and after the wedding.

The person is usually a best friend however, while selecting a Best Man for your wedding, it is important to choose one with good organisation skills, a person you can trust and that can be depended on and most importantly, the one who can handle the complex situation. It is not like that the things will get complicated, but you have to be fully prepared for it, right?

Also, most of the time, grooms tend to pick their brother or best friend, or dad, granddad, son, or even your best female friend as the best woman on your big day. Because the bottom line is that, it needs to be someone you trust and being the best man at a wedding involves a lot of responsibility.

Some top 5 characteristics of a Best Man:

The Best Man

  1. The one who is capable
  2. The one who have good social skills
  3. The one who doesn’t show-off
  4. The one who is a gentleman
  5. The one who is RESPONSIBLE

What are the best man duties?

The Best Man should realise that the role involves making sure everything runs smoothly on and before the couple’s Big Day.  Since it is an honour serving as best man at your friend’s wedding, you should prepared for this role because it is not going to be an easy one. So, in a nutshell, here are best man duties that involve:

Before the wedding

  1.  Assist the groom in planning the whole wedding & with pre-wedding Events.
  2. Help the groom with his planning (outfit selection, suits, cars, music, etc).
  3. Discuss what kind of bachelor party the groom will be expecting and organise a fun & relevant one.
  4. If the bride needs to know something about the wedding, share what all is necessary.
  5. You can also share details with the Maid of Honour.
  6. Help the groom and the bride finding a good destination for their honeymoon and make all the travel arrangements.
  7. Help to confirm the details of all vendors while reminding the groom of any unpaid wedding bills or advance payments. If there is any.
  8. Help the groom in hiring the tailor and purchasing the groom’s outfits.
  9.  As the wedding day comes closer, it is normal to go cold feet so help the groom to stay calm if he is freaking out.
  10. Make sure to safely guard the wedding rings.
  11. Help the bride and groom to organise the best ever pre-wedding shoot.
  12. Make sure the rest of the groomsmen attend suit fittings.
  13. Ensure that all the groomsmen know their duties for the whole event.
  14. You have to be completely familiar with the events happening on the day – people always look to the best man to explain what’s happening next or where they need to be.
  15. You can set up a group chat on messenger or WhatsApp for effective communication.
  16. Stay with the groom the night before the wedding.

Pro Tip: Never, never ever organise a bachelor party the night before the wedding! 

The groom, groomsmen and you cannot afford the Hangover replay in real life! And, if you’re going to be doing something crazy like any extreme sport where you risk getting a black eye or something like that, then plan and schedule it at least a month in advance.

Things can go ugly if something goes wrong. And if did something go wrong, the groom may forgive you but the bride won’t forgive you, not anytime soon at least for ruining her wedding pictures.

The Best Man
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 During the wedding ceremony

  1.  Make sure the groom is ok & help him get dressed on the big day.
  2. Make sure the hair, the bow tie and boutonniere are properly placed.
  3. Get the groom to the ceremony and keep the groom & groomsmen on schedule.
  4. Hold the wedding rings safe until the couple’s ring exchange.
  5. Give the best man’s speech and make it is awesome.
  6. Be the host for critical parts of the wedding day (cake cutting announcement, first dance etc.) if there is no one else.
  7. Collect telegrams or messages to be read out during the speeches.
  8. Organise guests for group photos.
  9. Help with any last-minute emergencies.
  10. Sign the marriage license as a witness

 At wedding reception

  1.  Enter the reception with the Maid of Honour.
  2. Keep the reception alive & moving.
  3. Make sure the photographer organise a cool photo session.
  4. Check the pictures if they are ok and if it is not, ask the photographer to take some nice clicks.
  5. Keep coordinating with the wedding planning team to check if everything’s going according to the plan.
  6. Make sure the waiters circulate all the areas of the venue with all the food items and drinks.
  7. Ask the groom if he needs something and help him prepared for the going-away.
  8. Help transport the wedding gifts and make sure nothing is left behind.
  9. Dance with the Maid of Honour after the first dance.
  10. Take charge of transportation

After the wedding 

  1.  Return the rented suits or any other hired outfits used by the groom for the wedding.
  2. Settle pending bills if there is any.
  3. Collect up the wedding gifts and cards at the end of the evening.
  4. Decorate the Getaway Car.
  5. Welcome the couple home after the honeymoon.
  6. Ask the Maid of Honour if she needs anything and offer her a ride home.


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