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Realistic expectations of men for their lady love

What men expect from women varies wildly from one man to the next.


Finding the right woman for the rest of your life isn’t a piece of cake but with these qualities, it will be easy for you to choose ‘The One’ who will stand by your side for better and for worse.

Whenever you have went on date, you have expected many things like she will be pretty, funny and above all lovable. However, often it comes crashing down because it was different from whatever you thought it would be. You want someone to not judge you over your past mistakes or on every little things. With whom you can argue, without it turning into a fight. With whom you can be you.  

Like women, men also expect various things from their partners so that they can spend their rest of the life with the one they think of. 


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After contacting a few men, these are some qualities that men always look for when they are finding ‘The One’: 


  • The one who truly believes in you: No matter what, the girl you’re seeing or in love with should have faith in you unconditionally. If you have a person in your life that trusts you blindly then you’re one of the luckiest people. She accepts your flaws and doesn’t judge you for the terrible past you had. 
  • The one who supports incredibly: Though, a man is physically stronger but there is nothing like the support of your loving partner. The husband may be vulnerable and sensitive to many problems but will need your support as it will make him feel secure and sheltered. Being supportive is not just about being there when your partner needs you. It is also about appreciating and praising him when he achieves a milestone or overcomes his fear. And, also, supporting is not always saying good things. It also includes offering constructive criticism to encourage him to improve in whatever he is doing.
  • The one who loves and cares unconditionally: This is what everyone looking for. A true partner doesn’t judge another in hard times, despite his/her own problems and the one who loves you unconditionally, cares for you unconditionally. A guy wants a girl who loves him for whatever he is, not for what he looks like, or what he does.
  • The one who is more beautiful inside: Every woman may not look beautiful physically, but they are very beautiful within, which is one of the main and necessary qualities of a good partner. Facial appearance doesn’t matter if the person is genuine and lovable. Guys like when their partner is selfless and not at all selfish for anything and who says everything’s going to be okay when things go wrong and will do anything to make you feel better.
  • The one who understands that she is not single anymore: Once you get married, you have to absorb the fact that you are not single anymore and if you have kids already, then you cannot live the same lifestyle that you had enjoyed when you were single.
  • The one who is devoted to family: Marriage is all about being loyal and devoted to your husband’s family. It can mean that less “me-time” as you have to put the needs of your in-laws first before your interests of going to parties, shopping, and hanging out with your friends. You don’t have to be a slave but family always comes first no matter what. Guys like when you show interests in his family.
  • The one who respects you & family: Your personalities, views, and principles may differ from your partner, but a partner should respect his/her partner’s choice. You could have said NO any time along the way before you got married because you knew what marriage is all about. If you can’t do that, marriage is not for you. A successful marriage is that when the partners respect each other.
  • The one who is not aggressive: Guys don’t like when their partner yells at them. You can get mad obviously but you cannot embarrass him in public, particularly not in front of your family or his, his friends or yours, or in front of your children.
  • The one who treats you well: Man never expects from woman to treat him like a king and there is no need. A good partner will never ask you to do that. But, some pretty little things like saying ‘I love you’ more often to each other is a good thing. Say it with the words or by showing a gesture but treat him with all the love, that’s what they expect. 
  • The one who is less demanding: The financial responsibility for proper budgeting and money management must be shared by both of you. If you are not good at this and if you don’t sound financially good, you should not be demanding but start learning how to be a better financial manager. This one goes for all the husbands as well.
  • The one who smiles a lot:  One of the best qualities you can find in a woman. The one doesn’t take things too seriously; and is adventurous and genuine. The one who makes you happy because laughing together as a couple is the perfect definition of a happy marriage.
  • The one who forgives and forgets: We all make mistakes but we should never hold grudges. Guys expect that if they did something wrong, their partner should forget the whole thing and forgive them. Guys don’t expect a fight over every little things all the time.
  • The one who is honest: We all know that honesty is the basis for building a relationship and marriages that last are based on honesty and open communication, where there is no place for cheating or lying. This goes for both men and women as they booth deserve honesty and truthfulness.
  • The one who is kind: Guys want their partners to be a kind and caring person as it is always a good thing. They want girls who are generous, a god believer as it helps to build a relationship stronger.
  • The one who is good homemaker: Guys love the girls who make delicious food, and who is capable of managing daily chores and the family. It is an Indian belief that a girl who can manage the whole house can take care of a family pretty well.


  • The one with affection: A guy often won’t express his affection to his partner but he sure will be wanting his partner’s and he may not admit it. Some guys like to express their affection secretly and the fact is no man is ever going to deny a woman’s love and affection for him.


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