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Dil, Dosti & Dhoka! Toxic people you should unfriend from your life now

It’s actually pretty easy to delete the people virtually from your life on a digital platform, however, outside the screen, and face-to-face, it a bit more tricky.

Life always seems fun when you have friends around because when you make one, you probably aren’t thinking about the future and the possibility of when that’s relationship is going to end.

However, it is inevitable that at some point in your life, some of your friends will no longer be in your life. We all have been there and people grow apart for many reasons and not every friendship is permanent.

Now, at the same time, there are many who doesn’t know the “rules” of ending friendships that impact them negatively.

So, the following are the common types that will help you to make a decision to ‘unfriend’ that ‘friend’ from your life in 2021


1. The Selfish One:  We always come across the one who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself/herself. The people who, no matter what anyone else is going through, somehow still manage to make themselves the centre of attention and more. Well, everyone knows that selfish people look out for their own best interests while taking whatever they can get from you.

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2. The Betrayal One: If someone backstabs you then not to mention he/she can do it again. Giving a second chance is not a bad option to someone you trust and like but they sure as hell deserve that or else they will betray you again. And also, you should keep the people in your life who never betray you in the first place.

3. The Promise Breaker:  You’re not asking for any moon or stars and but if still any of your friends are unable to keep any promises which you were expecting a lot from them then it is a wake-up call. There is no point in keeping a friend who constantly breaks promises while still expecting everything from you in return.

4. The Competitor: Competing is not a bad thing and it can be healthy it the competitors stayed within limits like if your friend’s goals or achievements serve as motivation for you, however, if the competition gets ugly and your competitor is trying to double-cross you then you should get rid of him/her before it costs you something precious.

5. The one with bad influence: Title says everything because friends who are bad influences always remind you that you can live your life the hell you want on the edge every now and then but it always gets you into trouble, increases your anxiety, and hurting your overall health. They can never be an inspiration but will always be a lesson in your life.

6. The one that fights:  We know friends fight every time and you will even find yourself arguing with your best friend more than anyone else because it’s inevitable. But there are some who intentionally fights with you and the relationship that produces a high level of conflict and negativity is associated with increased depression and decreased self-esteem.

7. The Controller: No one gives you the right to control others’ lives and similarly no one has the right to control yours. It depends on every situation such as taking permission of what to wear, how to look, how to spend time, and who to spend time with or how to spend money. There’s nothing wrong or bad with being open to the influence of the people around you, however, the way to do it is for you to decide and it is as simple as that.

8. The Manipulator:  Considered to be the dangerous one because they lie and manipulate to steal your joy. They tell the half-truths or straight out lies and when they have enough people squabbling, they come out as saviour. Their speciality is that they’ll listen, they’ll comfort, and when the time is right, they’ll tell you what you want to hear just to get back at you and ruin you. It is a never-ending argument that will run in circles and there will be no resolution so don’t get sucked in.

“The ones who backstab and manipulate are not less than toxic. They always use your words against you, poke you until you crack, and then poke you for cracking. They are capable of what you’re saying and always want power, not a relationship. They like to use your weaknesses against you and use your strengths, your kindness, your openness, your need for stability in the relationship. Always remember that if they’re showing tenderness, be careful that there’s something that you have that they want. So, show them the door, and lock it as soon as they leave”, says Relationship advisor Sindhu Vasanth.

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