Rhea Chakraborty to face the camera again: Here is why she deserves a second chance?

Rhea Chakraborty to start fresh & trust us, she deserves a second chance

After being traumatized for a year  Rhea Chakraborty has bounced back and is trying to get back to her normal life. She was one of the most searched celebrities in India in the year 2020. After the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea remained on the radar of many news channels for several months. A lot of them tried to cash the unfortunate incident. There were many misreported facts, concocted lies that led to several social media debates, where a lot of people declared Rhea a murderer. Since then, she is subjected to never-ending hate. Now, she is slowly trying to come back to normal. Recently, she was spotted at Rumi Jaffery’s daughter’s Pre-wedding festivities.

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Talking about her, Rumi Jaffery said, “she is at peace with herself. She has come to terms with whatever happened to her. She is now more thoughtful and quiet. She is willing to work but filmmakers who have promised her a film have disappeared.”  He further added that the superstar warned one big–wig producer to stay away from the trouble. And of course, he listened to his master voice.  He admitted that Rhea doesn’t have a lot of role in Chehre but he has something in mind for her.

Rhea deserves a second chance

Rumi also said that she deserves a second chance and we couldn’t agree more! First and foremost nothing has been proven against her. Yes, we agree that #ssrcase deserves closure but that doesn’t mean that Rhea doesn’t deserve a second chance. Let’s be honest, her image was vilified for months. If she is trying to bounce back, we should give her a chance.  Her dear friend Shibani Dandekar recently said that she doesn’t have regrets. During an interview, she said, “I have supported her and supported the right cause. I lost fan following and people troll me as well but that’s fine.”

Nothing has been proven and we should understand that every coin has two sides

SSR case was one of the most talked about and discussed cases. The entire nation was mourning his untimely demise. After his death, Rhea was on the radar of media houses. According to reports, some media houses were deliberately running stories against her. We were served a particular narrative leaving no option to consider other sides of the story. Let her start fresh and keep faith in the judiciary that sooner or later the justice will be delivered in the SSR case. Till then, we should break the vicious cycle of negative comments.

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