#ArrestLucknowGirl: Is it Fair to take Law into your Hands?

#ArrestLucknowGirl : Why it is trending on Twitter? Everything you need to know

#ArrestLucknowGirl is trending on Twitter. Recently, a video went viral where a woman can be seen slapping the cab driver in the middle of a Zebra crossing blocking all other vehicles from passing. The video has been widely circulated on the internet and Twitter has sharply reacted to this video. The undated viral video was uploaded by a Twitter user Megh Updates. As soon as the video went viral #arrestlucknowgirl began trending on Twitter demanding legal action against the girl for her alleged behaviour.

What was the entire case?

In the viral video people can be heard saying – “Ladki Badtameez hai”( girl is mannerless)  in the background. They also added – Yahi agar koi ladki marta ladki ko toh log kya karte?  The girl was seen dragging the cab driver by his collar and hitting him. The driver tried to come in front of the camera and requested bystanders to call female cops – Aap Log mahila Police bulaye.  In another tweet, it was also reported that the person who came to rescue the cab driver was also assaulted. The woman alleged that the cab had hit her. Social Media is now demanding an investigation into this assault case. They are demanding – Everyone has the equal right to get equal Justice, a user wrote.

Traffic Police intervened but the woman didn’t stop

The video shows that the incident took place at the Zebra crossing, making the traffic stop, leading to massive traffic jams. The question here is – Is it fair to take laws into your hands? The traffic police were present at the moment why didn’t the woman ask them to help her?

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What people are saying on the internet?

People on the internet are connecting it with gender equality and asking Ki agar Iski jagah Koi ladka hota toh? How we would have reacted? Another user wrote, “ Calling out feminists to support the cab driver in #Lucknow. While men support the feminist movement, men also deserve full support where required.”  Well, we believe a proper investigation should be done in this matter. But taking law into your own hands is not a solution. She created chaos on the road which led to massive traffic jams causing inconvenience to others.

Well, there is no clarity or statement from either of the parties. The Viral Video has raised a few questions and we want they should be investigated as well. Let us take a look at the questions.

1.How old is the video?  The video is undated. In that case, it is important to know how old is the video? However, according to a report in Amar Ujala, the incident took place on July 30.

  1. Was the behaviour of the girl justified? Even if the cab driver was at fault? Was it fair to slap him?
  1. What really happened on the crossing and why we are always too quick to conclude? Social media is demanding the woman’s arrest based on two video clips – Shouldn’t we ask for an investigation into the matter.

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