The Heartwarming Journey: Grandma’s Traditional Rasam Powder Recipe Births a Rs 16 Cr/Year Brand

The story of how a grandma's conventional rasam powder recipe gave start to a brand incomes Rs 16 crore in line within a year.

How a Grandma’s Traditional Rasam Powder Recipe Gave Birth to a Brand Earning Rs 16 Cr/Year

Behind every successful business, there may be regularly a story of passion, subculture, and innovation. In the case of one Indian brand, the journey started out with a grandmother’s cherished  rasam powder recipe —a staple in South Indian cuisine. What started out as a humble family way of life has evolved right into a thriving enterprise, earning Rs 16 crore . Join us as we delve into the heartwarming journey of a grandma’s conventional rasam powder recipe. 

The Journey –

It evolved from a chance conversation occurred between Malathi Sharma, M S Ravindra, and his wife Nagaratna in 2009. Ravindra had just quit his ex-job at General Mills and had opted to do the agrarian work by himself in the beadroom of a village, while the ladies and the maid Nagaratna and Malathi had been working full-time in Bengaluru. During the conversation Ravindra remembered his travels around India while working with General Mills. He remembered his native Sankethi cuisine from South-Western Karnataka and expressed his desire to take this unique culinary tradition to thousands of people.

Nagarathna Ravindran, Malathi Sharma and M S Ravindran are the founders of a label that celebrates the diverse and indigenous food of Karnataka called Adukale. Sanketh cuisine can best be described through Poha, gojjavalakki which are very popular ready-to-eat foods.

The Legacy of Grandma’s Recipe:

In many Indian households, recipes passed down from generation to technology maintain a unique place in their own family traditions. Such was the case for the founders of this brand, who inherited their grandmother’s beloved recipe for rasam powder—a flavorful mixture of spices used to prepare the indispensable South Indian soup known as rasam. With its precise mixture of aromatic spices and carefully balanced flavors, Grandma’s recipe was a favorite. 

Crafting a Quality Product:

Central to the achievement of the brand became the dedication to preserve the integrity and authenticity of Grandma’s recipe. Careful attention turned into sourcing the finest  spices, ensuring that every batch of rasam powder captured the essence of South Indian flavors. The founders carried out large studies and development to perfect the recipe, experimenting with exclusive spice blends and manufacturing strategies to attain the right balance of flavor and aroma.

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Building a Strong Brand Identity: 

Beyond the exceptionalness of the product itself, the brand’s fulfillment can be attributed to its robust logo identification and storytelling. By sharing the story of Grandma’s recipe—its origins, its significance, and the ardor behind it—the brand solid an emotional connection with customers who favored the authenticity and historical past behind the product. This authenticity, combined with a commitment to excellence and innovation, helped distinguish the brand in a crowded market.

The story of how a grandma’s conventional rasam powder recipe gave start to a brand incomes Rs 16 crore in line within a year. What began as a hard work of affection to maintain a cherished recipe has developed right into a thriving commercial enterprise, loved with the aid of clients round the sector. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, it remains grounded within the values of authenticity, nice, and history—values that have been passed down from era to technology, much like Grandma’s recipe itself.

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