What makes a reader buy a print copy in the digital era?

Decoding reasons why the reader buys a print copy in the digital era?

Digital space has completely taken over our lives. From consuming entertainment to our reading habits, we have seen a complete shift in the past few years. Today, there is a plethora of content available on the internet. From websites to Youtube channels, one is exposed to a lot of creative content these days.  Today, your favourite article or your source of consuming news is just a click away.

To be honest, digital space is quite time-saving.  So does it mean that print copies are now obsolete? The answer is No! According to a survey, India has over 6 million people who read magazines. But why do people buy a print copy when they can access a lot of content at the same cost on the internet. Today, we are decoding what makes a reader buy a print copy in the digital era?

print copy in the digital era

Let us take a look:

1.It is not about information, it is about the experience

Yes, the internet is bursting with information and you can definitely find everything that’s in the printed magazine online. But the experience of holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine, book or newspaper, on the other hand, is a moment of treasure for many readers all across the country. The digital platform cannot replace the pleasure of flipping through the pages.

  1. Interest Specific

Readers have a very short span of attention on the internet. While reading content online, one can be distracted via ads or can simply switch to the other pages. On the other hand, the print copy is more about avid reading. You can pick magazines according to your interest. The content is specific and magazines offer a wide load of opinions and varying perspectives on issues which really one’s insight into a particular issue.

print copy in the digital era

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3.Print Copy offers engagement

An emotional bond between a magazine, book or newspaper is something rarely found in digital space. A reader can exit the website at any given point in time. The print copy has an emotional bond with the readers, everyone gets what they are looking for.  Be it economy, current affairs or fashion, print copies connect emotionally with the readers.

  1. Reader engage with the content rather than just glancing over

Print copy of a magazine allows a reader to engage with the content rather than just glancing over. The print copies are related to consumer’s leisure.  Many readers have classified reading a physical magazine as a form of relaxation. It gives them a break from the screen and soothes their mind.

print copy in the digital era

Final Words

Print VS Digital is a never-ending debate. Both the mediums have their own pros and cons. In the digital age, where people run short on time, digital reading helps them to stay updated whereas print is a medium of leisure and relaxation.  It is a way to take a break from the screen. It promotes reading habits, boosts imagination and emotionally connects with a reader. Readers can access multiple pages on the internet at the same price as a magazine or a book, but as we said it is about Experience, not information.

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