Decoding the meaning of Languishing: How to deal with it?

How can anybody overcome languishing?

The corona period has turned the mental conditions of people around the world. Some have lost their concentration and some are feeling euphoric and aimless. Many people find life meaningless and feel powerless despite being healthy. People lost their jobs after March 2020. Also, many lost their loved ones. Some days, some months passed in trouble. Slowly things started getting back to normal. Got jobs again. Life went on in its own way. Now after a year, the same situation is there again. People are imprisoned in homes. Every day, every hour the news of someone leaving the world is creating a sense of negativity in the mind. There is an unknown fear. The mind trembles even after stepping outside the house. This fear is slowly taking us towards languishing.

People trapped between depression and flushing during the Corona period

In psychologists, mental health is seen from depression to well-being (flushing). While flushing is the pinnacle of good mental health, depression is its ditch. On the other hand, languishing is a state between depression and well-being. In this state you are not motivated, concentration is disturbed and the risk of diseases increases.

No depression yet life stopped because of languishing

The term languishing regarding mental health was coined 20 years ago by socialist Corey Keyes. He had found in his research that despite not being in depression, many people were not able to grow in life. Seeing this, Corey said that these dysfunctional people will become depressed in the next decade. Evidence of this has been found in Italy during the Corona period.

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How to overcome Languishing?

Think, is the bad news only you are getting? Every house has bad news. So now there is only one way to deal with it. Let’s give a name to this bad negativity, bad news. Now let’s think about how to deal with it. The solution is to express what you are feeling. Do not sit with this heaviness in your mind. Everyone has their limits. You too have a limit. In spite of being healthy, if you feel less energy, then there will be emptiness in the mind. So focus your attention on small goals. If you conquer small goals, then your skills and courage will increase. This will strengthen willpower. Whatever name you have given to this problem, how to deal with it, break it into pieces. You will see that the solution to the problem is understood as soon as it is divided into pieces. That too in an easy way. We have to avoid this.

Who does languishing typically impact?

“It can affect anyone, but if you’ve been feeling chronically socially isolated, you’ve experienced grief or lost your job and your plans have been continually hit, you’re more likely to be languishing. It’s important for our mental well-being to feel a degree of control over our lives. We also need human connection. Without that sense of control and loving contact, you’re bound to be at risk of languishing, even if you’ve managed to avoid becoming depressed.”

If you want to avoid a new disease, then bring this feeling in your mind, nothing will happen to us and the family. We are all safe and will be safe. Here are some ways that you can avoid Languishing:

1. To break the chain of procrastination, start taking small victories.

2. Take on challenges that will enhance your skills and strengthen your resolve.

3. Take time every day for work that matters to you, whether it’s an interesting project or some other goal.

4. One small step is enough to generate energy and enthusiasm.

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