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Valentine’s Day Special – A journey towards making self love a priority

Want to practice Kindness? First be kind to yourself & Self Love is the only way

We often hear people these days saying about self-love, influencers promoting self-love on social media. It’s not like it wasn’t there before but do you know why it is discussed more often now? The main reason behind every other person on the internet promoting self-love is due to emerging struggles people face to balance their mental health, depression issues, self-doubt and so many things that we face daily in our lives.

(Self Love)

Self love is very basic yet something we often ignore.  Its nothing but just prioritising own well- being and happiness over others. It’s about constantly reminding ourselves to not settle for less than what we deserve. Knowing the self-worth is a prime step towards this beautiful journey. One should not sacrifice his well being just to please others.

Self Love is not simply being satisfied with ourselves and settling for the way we are. Self-love is all about consciously understanding that you deserve better and making efforts towards achieving it. Loving the way you are and the constant effort to be the better version of yourself is also self-love.  Taking care of your mental health, striving to achieve more in career, taking good care of your body and pampering yourself every then and now is all part of self-love and self-care.

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(Embrace Self Love )

Sharing some basic yet very crucial practices that will help you towards your journey of self-love:

1. Take care of your body:

I can’t stress more on eating right food, taking an ample amount of sleep and exercise. Inculcate good healthy habits in your life. It will help a lot in improving mental health and you will feel content within. It’s like valuing yourself and giving something back to your body.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others:

It is something you should start right now! There is no point of comparing yourself to others and disturbing your mental peace and degrading your worth in your own eyes. Social media game has made this even worse and we all start to compare ourselves with others and often set a perception that our life sucks. Trust me, everyone is have their own issues and nobody post their struggles and their personal battles on the internet.

(Its a beautiful thing to do)

3. Have faith in yourself:

Others opinion should not matter to you much. Accept the fact that we make mistakes, don’t punish yourself for it. Remember nobody is perfect but at the same have faith in yourself that you have the calibre to overcome any difficulty in your life. Sometimes challenges help us to realize our true potential so stay positive and trust yourself.

Stop chasing perfection and embrace who you are. Self-love may not happen overnight but with time and practice, it will settle into your mind. So, start making yourself a priority unapologetically because you are worthy of love and beautiful life.

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