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Power of Gratitude: How this simple act can attract abundance for you?

How often do you count your blessings?


Gratitude is the simple act of appreciating what we have rather than crying /complaining about what we don’t. We often read on social media about ‘act of gratitude’ and how it changes people’s life but we never understand the importance of practising it on a regular basis.

Usually, we are so busy complaining about things that we have in our life due to which we often forget about appreciating the blessings we have. Well, just like a body detox drink is required to clean our body system so that our body can perform better. Similarly, we require a mental detox as well,  where we should just stop complaining for once, about the things going wrong in life and appreciating what we have.

The corona outbreak taught us so many things. It gave us a reality check and helped us to understand that counting our blessings is very important. So many people lost their loved ones, many were away from their family,  and many lost their jobs. The pandemic struggle is yet not over but it has already given us some serious life lessons that always existed,  but we never bothered to give it a thought. Pandemic taught us to appreciate what we have, being grateful for what we have can attract a lot of positivity.  Appreciation/ act of being grateful is subjective as some are grateful that they are with their loved ones, some were grateful for the job they didn’t lose while some were grateful for the food and shelter. Life has taught us so many things in just one year, lessons to never forget. Being grateful for what we have, the joy of giving and sharing, and the importance of mental peace.

The unsettling things are also crucial to grow in life but you need to find the balance between striving for a better self and satisfaction with what you have.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

There are so many benefits of practicing gratitude. Though effects are not instant, it’s a slow process, but yes very fruitful to live a happy life.

Secret to healthy relationships:

Practice of gratitude helps in making the existing relationships strong and even opens doors for a new one. Let’s be honest here, we do get attracted towards the one who is confident and never complains over trifles.


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Improves physical & psychological health:

The more you count your blessing the more you fall in love with yourself. The more you appreciate what you have and your achievements, the less you get tensed about what’s going wrong in your life which ultimately leads to mental peace and positive mindset.


Helps in quality sleep:

Every other person in today’s time is struggling to get quality sleep as our mind is always chasing what went wrong, what should have been done right and hovering the mind with all the toxic emotions. With the practice of gratitude, our mind relaxes which will ultimately improve the quality of sleep.


Brings Confidence and Self-love:

The more you practice gratitude and appreciate yourself, the more you will start feeling confident with who you are and what you are becoming. Self-love is something which we see all -over the internet today, and it can never happen without practice of gratitude.

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