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7 Things Smart People Will Never Do

Here are 7 things smart people will never do

Everybody wants to be a smart individual. But what is the parameter of smartness? Does it mean to have all the Gyan of Brahmand? We often conjure up an image of a topper of our class or an intelligent person. But being smart is much more than being good in academics.

Before knowing what smart people do it is very essential to know what they will never do.

Here are 7 things smart people will never do

Note: If you can’t relate to any of these signs, please do not take this feedback as an attack on your character. This is just meant for self-improvement for those who are stuck with their feelings.

No gossip

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Smart people know not to talk about others. Always remember that gossiping is a temporary form of relating to other people but it will never last. Because gossip is filled with hate, slander, and lies.

Most people don’t even know that they are gossiping about. So, whenever you find yourself in the middle of gossipers just get out of the situation. Or tell them you don’t need to talk about others.

Failure never stops them

Our failure becomes a learning experience for us if we change our outlook. The trail for next time becomes much easier. Smart individuals do not let their past mistakes define them. They instead try to learn from them and look at those mistakes as a guideline of what not to do.

“If you fail, never give up. Because fail means First Attempt in Learning.”


No time to waste

If you know that you need to work a bit longer before even attempting it, do the needful instead of wasting time in trying. Being smart about how you spend your time. You can also spare yourself some time.

Working on another less tedious assignment, as a break before tackling the big project again. Knowing when to take a break and rest your mind will benefit you substantially.

Don’t over rely on other people

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Everybody needs a friend but smart people often do not rely on another person to the extreme.

Ask yourself- Will your world fall apart if your friend does not help you on any project? Or is there any way you can work on it on your own? 

Every case is different but often we underestimate our ability. Rely on yourself first on a certain task and know when you need someone’s help with it.

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Don’t let their errors define them

How can I do such a stupid thing? I am so dumb!

Sound familiar? We often say these words to ourselves. Truth is, we are humans and with that, we tend to make some mistakes. But our errors do not define us.

Some people submerge themselves so much into embarrassment that they even stop trying. So, learn from mistakes and move on.

Don’t hold grudges

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Holding grudges is never a good idea. Not only it causes stress when we think about it, but also throws our body onto a fight-or-flight response. Our body may believe that there is a threat or danger. Therefore, stress comes along with that response.

This is neither good for mental health nor for physical. Hence, it is best to work towards letting go of any grudges against someone.

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Never say YES to everything

We often say yes, just not to offend others. But sometimes saying no could be best for us. We do not need to nod to every request or favour from a friend, especially when you are already exhausted or overburdened with responsibilities.

Emotionally intelligent individuals recognize when they are burnt out and acknowledge when they simply do not want to do something. Know your limits and when to say No.

If you already have a platter of these qualities, Congratulations! You are smart.

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Is there anything you still need to work upon? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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