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7 Reasons You Should Have Sex Everyday

Here are the 7 reasons you should have Sex everyday

Benefits of sex

Do you know sex reduces stress? Do you know it makes your immune system stronger? There are a lot of benefits of having sex every day. There are number of illness that can be simply cured by having sex on a regular basis. Here are 7 reasons that why you should have sex regularly are listed here, take a look!

1. Reduces Stress: Sex will help you stay relax and stressed-out. While having sex our bodies produce endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin which together help us to increase our level of happiness, enhance desire and de-stress.

2. Helps you to get relief from pain: If you are suffering from any pains, aches or migraines then sex can be a better option to get relief from the pain rather than taking pills. According to a study conducted by Arthritis specialist Dr. George Erlich on his patients, he founded that those who had sex often experienced significantly less pain than who went without.


3. Reduces the Risk Of Cancer: If you are having sex daily so it helps to reduce the risk of cancer particularly for men. In an Australian study, it was found that men who had sex at least 21 times a month were much less likely to suffer from prostate cancer.

4. Makes You Sleep Well: Like exercise increases your heart rate, sex also increases your heart rate which leads to relaxation.

5. Sex Helps a Healthy Heart: While having sex our bodies burn calories which also improve our heart health.

6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure: There are so many health benefits of sex. One of them is, it lowers your blood pressure. Sex can improve your blood pressure. In a study, it was found that sex reduces diastolic blood pressure and making us healthier all around.

7. Ensures Regular Periods: If your periods are unstable, so it could lead to a stressful lifestyle for you. As mentioned above sex reduces stress and it can even stabilise your menstrual cycle.

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