Gurugram got its first “Oxygen Chamber”

Gurugram has got its first Oxygen Chamber: Here is all you need to know

Delhi has already turned into ‘gas chamber’ and people are literally choking here. People are unable to breathe properly. Well, people are taking preventive measures like masks and handkerchiefs to protect themselves from poisonous air but these things are effective to only an extent. As parties quarreled over the efficiency of odd-even in Delhi, Gurugram went ahead and inaugurated NCR’s first ever oxygen chamber.

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Oxygen centre: Here is all you need to know

The oxygen centre is situated adjacent to Huda City Centre – one of the busiest and most polluted areas in Gurugram – the beautiful garden houses over hundreds of anti-polluting plants that can aid towards mitigating air toxicity. The green zone is a joint effort by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Nurturing Green, an NCR-based company.

The chamber, sprawled across a 13,000 sq feet area, also comprises of a nursery and a greenhouse that sell plants. The place is segmented into three zones – nursery, greenhouse, and an outside area. There is a dedicated oxygen room when people can spend time. There is no visiting fee and visitors can shop for anti-polluting plants such as areca palm, aloevera, and sansperia.

Gurugram residents are surprised to finally find a place where they can breathe fresh, clean air. A resident of Sector 56 told “It’s such a serene place and the best part is that it is not at some desolate spot. What I really liked was that it is a combination of a nursery and a park – combining the best of both.”

Delhi too needs an oxygen chamber?

Not only Gurugam, Delhi too needs an oxygen chamber. Smog is already killing us so we expect our Government too to introduce such kind of chamber!

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