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Assam Floods claims 68 lives: List of Deadliest Floods in India

Latest Update on Assam Floods: India was always prone to floods

Following the heavy rainfall for the past two days, the death toll due to flood has reached 68 on Thursday morning in Assam. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) said that more than 48 lakh people in 30 districts comprising 4500 villages are affected due to the flood. Flood is a frequent natural disaster in India, especially in monsoon season. Here are the 5 most disastrous floods ever in India.

1987 Bihar floods

The Bihar government says that Bihar is historically the most flood-prone state in India. It has faced several disastrous monsoon seasons over the years. Kosi river had wreaked havoc in 1987 and claimed 1,399 human lives and 5302 animals. Around 29 million people were affected across 30 districts in one of the deadliest floods in India’s history. The 1987 Bihar flood caused an estimated loss of Rs 68 million due to damage to public property and crops.

2018 Kerala Floods

The most recent humongous disaster in India is the flood that came in Kerala in 2018. About 10 lakh people were evacuated across the state and 445 people lost their lives. The five gates of the Idukki Dam were opened for the first time in the history of Kerala. It was the worst flood ever in Kerala that directly affected all 14 districts of the state.

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1998 Assam Floods

The 1998 Assam Flood was considered to be one of the most severe ones since 1950. The Brahmaputra river remained above the danger mark for almost 3 months at six major gauge sites on the river. Almost all the 21 districts of Assam were flooded affecting a population of about 47 lakhs in 5,300 villages. The flood damaged 9.7 lakh hectares of agricultural land. About 30,900 houses were damaged and 156 people lost their lives.

2005 Maharashtra Flood

The flood that created havoc in  Mumbai came in the year 2005 across Maharashtra. This flood was one of the deadliest floods in Maharashtra. As per the official data, approximately 5,000 people died in this flood. Mumbai city was the worst hit by the rainfall and even most parts of the city came to a standstill. People were stuck in houses and offices for several days due to the flood that was caused by incandescent rain.

2013 Uttarakhand Flood

The worst weather-related flood in the recent history of India occurred in June 2013. Continous heavy downpour in Uttarkhand triggered a landslide and heavy floods. It is estimated that 4,094 people lost their lives and nearly 10 lakhs were affected by the disaster in Uttarakhand and also in Himachal Pradesh.

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