E-Grocers are the new KIRANE KI DUKAN!

The online grocery market in India is expected to touch $24 Billion by 2025.


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Since the past 2 years we’ve been highly dependent on online shopping. Apart from getting clothes, furniture now people depend on online stores for their groceries. The pandemic brought hard days on us, almost forgot how it felt like to run across aisles to get ingredients. There are dozens of online sites that are ready to step into India’s e-grocery market. Amazon one of the largest online store in the whole world introduced its pantry within its fresh section.

It has become a go to place for the customers to get each and everything on their ration list, with super-fast deliveries with ease across the country. Grofers (now Blinkit)- one of India’s first introduced e-grocers saw a sudden rise of 46% increase in April-May of 2020 as compared to February-March.

There has been a sudden increase to the online market, where the pandemic has created a motivation for habit change in people. Consumers are either ordering in or cooking for themselves, which has lead to more purchases.  Several start-ups were seen sprouting during 2020, as people tried to provide basic amenities to people with precaution and for their convenience.  Country Delight, is a fresh cow milk delivery app also selling farm fresh fruits and vegetables due to high demand of online shops. Swiggy an Indian food delivery app also started its own Swiggy Instamart, to get instant delivery of daily essentials delivered at your doorstep in 15-30 minutes only.


  • Amazon Fresh and Pantry

  • Grofers (now Blinkit)

  • JioMart

  • BigBasket

  • Country Delight

  • Swiggy Instamart

  • Spencers onlinemart

  • Flipcart

  • Zomato


  • Dunzo

  • Licious

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 Stores have started using powerful AI to predict shoppers’ needs and increase the convenience of online shopping, they usually provide some type of offers to attract big chunk of shoppers to their own site. “Grocery is one of the largest components of an individual’s consumption in India, and BigBasket, as India’s largest e-grocery player, fits in perfectly with our vision of creating a large consumer digital ecosystem,” Pratik Pal, CEO, Tata Digital, said in a statement.


Here are 10 benefits of online shopping that might make you consider trading your squeaky shopping trolley for a digital one:

  • Avoid multiple trips to the store- with the benefit of having the whole inventory in front of you; one can buy anything in all the quantity they desire. So, if there is an afterthought item you have the time to add them.

  • Can shop from home or on the go- you have the flexibility to order anytime of the day.

  • Saves money with by price comparison from different sites- when you are buying groceries online through an app or website you have the power to switch between different ones to know the best deal for the required item.


  • Saves time- according to a website Statista, the average person travels to the grocery store 1.6 times a week and spends around 43 minutes each visit. Going online has obviously lowered the hustle. We can shop at our convenience either from a meeting or while cooking.

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  • Pressure free environment- shopping in a mart can be stressful, especially during a global pandemic with all the aisles filled up with people loading their carts with food stock.

  • No impulse buying – we see big pamphlets and banners which attract the shoppers into buying new brands which may be highly unnecessary for one. There’s less impulsive buying in online option and its easier to stick to your list and avoid getting items that you don’t need.

  • Checking deals and coupons online- we can get all the deals on our fingertips, one can easily apply different coupons that qualify in your cart.

  • Shopping by history – you can easily access you previous purchases and avoid the hustle to sit and add the items again and again. You can either save or favourite your go to grocery items.

  • Better for environment- stated by Environmental Protection Agency it reduces the number of vehicles on roads which lowers the pollution. Being flexible with delivery time it gives advantage to the retailer to send out one truck to make deliveries at different locations which reduces several trips.



The online grocery market in India is expected to touch $24 billion by 2025, accounting for just 3% of the total grocery market, recorded in a report by RedSeer Consulting. Groceries, on the other hand, is about 66.5% of the retail spending in India, with 95% of the grocery market still being left to the unorganised market (local kinare ki dukan).

The convenience of e-grocers comes with slight additional cost; there can be delivery costs, service tax or sometimes tip for the driver.

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