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Meet Anand Vardhan (CSE AIR-7!), a man who challenged his failures to chase his dreams!

Exclusive chat with another topper of Civil Services Examination, Anand Vardhan! 

A few days back we had shared an inspirational story of Anudeep Durishetty topper of CSE 2018, and now, we are back with another very inspiring story of Anand Vardhan who scored extremely good marks through his constant dedication and achieved CSE Rank 7 in the year 2016.

Well, hailing from Siwan a small area in Bihar this guy has beaten all his odds just to achieve his childhood dream of serving his nation. He was a bright student since his childhood. After completing his schooling, he was interested in doing Engineering. So, he pursued his dreams. He moved to Delhi.

He completed his Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University. He did Mechanical Engineering from DU. When he was in the last year of his Engineering, he decided to prepare for CSE. After completing his Engineering he took up a job in Gurugram and prepared for the civils with it as well.

He describes his UPSC journey simply in two words ‘long’ and ‘enriching’. Anand faced a  lot of highs and lows but he always had a ray of hope. He said his UPSC journey has made him a better person.  It seems that this guy is really humble. His success never gets into his head and we can say so because Anand credited all his success to his beloved parents and Friends. He was quoted saying, ” My parents always supported me and never put too much undue pressure. The friends helped me to stay sane, lift me up during the toughest moments and struggled with me. I can never forget that time.” Anand managed his studies with his job. He used to devote at least 5-6 hours to serious study. Apart from this, he kept good care of his health too. He cleared his this exam in his fourth attempt.

That Butterfly Feeling!

He describes his foremost feeling when he got to know that he has cracked Civil Services Examination. He said that ” It was just a numbing moment at first. I felt empty for a while, and then came the rush of tremendous emotions. That is the feeling every aspirant works for. It is a feeling that will never ever fade away. I will remember every bit of it. And I know I will never get to feel it again, so it’s very special.”  Well, surely it was a Butterfly feeling for him. Truly, he deserves it.

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1. In an exclusive chat, Anand told us that he has a moderate level of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He needs things in their placed and cannot see the wasteful use of resources.

2. His role model is none other than much-talented Tennis player Roger Federer.

3. He kept himself away from social media while preparing for civils. He finds social media distracting to some extent.

Anand Vardhan’s special message for all the UPSC aspirants!

Anand Vardhan has a special message for all those who are preparing hard to achieve their goals. He said, “UPSC will tell you your weaknesses, will keep you humble. Try to learn life lessons apart from textbook lessons during preparation.”

His life has changed drastically after he cleared one of the toughest exams. He further added,  “Life certainly changes. Uncertainty ends, targets change. You’re inspired and moved each day. You feel fortunate to be where you are. It is the life you have worked so hard for, and now want to make it count. And the society looks at you with great awe and respect.”

His take on the allocation of cadres

I am personally against such a move. I do not think that allocating services should be taken up by the government. The constitution gives UPSC the mandate to recommend candidates for the services. It should remain that way.

Journey at LBSNAA!

If you guys want to know about his adventurous journey at LBSNAA you can easily find it on YouTube channel: The Other Way. It has some amazing snippets from their stay at the academy.

When Anand Vardhan got candid with us!

We have also conducted a candid round with this talented guy who is a handsome hunk too! In a candid conversation,  he revealed some significant details about him. His favourite destination is Europe and he wishes to go there someday. He believes in having good health but do not believe that it comes with Gyming only.

One can maintain a good health by having a proper diet. He is addicted to sports. He loves to play tennis in his free time. Anand is a family oriented person and he has a huge respect and love for his family. On asking about his weakness he revealed that he is haphazard at times. Anand is an extrovert person and loves to interact with new people. He will be turning a year older on 7th of July. We hope this year brings lots of luck and success for him. All the very best Anand Vardhan! May you have a bright future!

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