Kaamyaab producer  Manish Mundra becomes ‘Hero’ in midst of pandemic

Manish is not just helping personally but also serving as a conduit for people who wish to donate

The global pandemic COVID-19 has unleashed great hardships and unfathomable strife across the world. Apart from affecting the health of people, the deadly virus has created a huge economic crisis all over the world. Several countries enforced lockdown and asked people to stay at their home to break the chain of coronavirus. This left many daily wage workers with no work and no money. Amidst all the chaos, people from various walks of life are helping the people in their own personal capacity. One of those gentle people is Bollywood film producer Manish Mundra.

Manish Mundra is known for producing films like Kaamyaad, Masaan, Newton and others. Manish is regular in doing charity work for people in distress. A day before the Janta Curfew was announced, Manish had pledged Rs 3 crore to secure 70 ventilators for the treatment of those who are affected by the deadly virus.

Mundra is known for his philanthropic work

Manish Mundra has been actively taking part in providing financial and logistical help for many humanitarian organizations, hospitals, and individuals who are engaged in the battle against the COVID-19.His help varies from buying, arranging and sending PPE Kits to hospitals across the country, to sending immediate financial help to people who are providing food, rations and shelter to poor during the lockdown.

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Recently, he had pledged to donate 1000 disposable beds to Mumbai hospitals. He has also provided PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) to various hospitals across the country such as Noida, Mumbai, Calcutta, Indore, Jalgaon, Ranchi, Jodhpur, his hometown- Deoghar, Banglore, Jalgaon, Assam, Surat, Mainpuri and Rohtak. Mundra had earlier donated Rs 21 lakh to the Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Newton producer earlier shared on Twitter that he had secured 1500 PPE Kits that included N95 masks, gloves and other medical essentials. Mundra and his team are also serving cooked food packages worth Rs 3-4 lakh every day to poor people.

Manish has inspired others to do the same

Apart from helping personally, he is also serving as a conduit for people who wish to donate but do not have the means to organize the distribution. People have expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Masaan producer for helping people in distress. Some people, inspired by the philanthropic work of Manish have initiated their own efforts to combat the virus.

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