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5 Fearless Female Journalists Who Outdone themselves In Pandemic

You would be surprised to know how these female journalists are helping people in need

While many of us have the luxury of working from home in the lockdown, same could be not be said for the healthcare workers, security forces, sanitation workers, journalists and other essential services workers. Here we are going to talk about female journalists who have gone beyond and above their duty to find stories of the pandemic. They have risked their personal health by going on the ground along with helping people. However, they can ultimately amplify the voices which were not being heard.

1. Barkha Dutt

The veteran journalist went for the ground reporting several times to bring the stories of suffering and struggle of migrant workers. She ensured that the migrant workers don’t become a nameless casualty of the coronavirus lockdown.

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2. Faye D Souza

We are in a time where fake news spreads like fire. The presence of Faye D Souza on social media has ensured that people get authentic, true and honest current affair updates. She also donned the PPE Kit to tell people how it feels like working with PPE kits. She dedicated her YouTube channel’s first earning for the pregnant women in rural and remote area by buying them N95 masks.

3. Rana Ayyub

Rana Ayyub has set an example of how you can manage work and charity together. She and some volunteers started relief campaign that has provided rations to poor and needy people. Despite the fast of Ramzan, she and her team ensured that people don’t sleep with an empty belly. While she was reaching vulnerable with rations, she didn’t leave her primary work of sharing information about global incidents, migrant crisis in India and others.

4. Rituparna Chatterjee

Working in PPE kits for female workers can be difficult and Rituparna Chatterjee exposed PPE kits as they were not designed keeping mensuration in mind. She has continuously worked to bring out the challenge faced by women in different fields.


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5. Ashwini M Sripad

The world is currently going through a bad phase when it comes to the economy. Journalist Ashwini M Sripad has helped the farmers with the sale of their produce as it was difficult for them to sell it during the lockdown. Along with other issues, she has been promoting local farmer’s produce for more than a month now.

This is a list of female Journalists who outdone as frontline warriors. However, we know that their are many more who should be on this list. Suggest us some female journalists who went beyond their duty to bring stories related to the pandemic.

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