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Why is Suhaag Raat such a hype in our country? Indian women on how they spent their ‘FIRST NIGHT’

20 Indian women revealed how they spent their First Night & why Suhaag Raat is such a hype in our country?

The ‘First Night’ is still a big deal when it comes to Indian weddings. From his friends and cousins teasing him about the same to your friends sharing their piece of advice, the Suhaag Raats in India are an overrated concept. Well, Bollywood films have fed us with many lies. Perhaps the biggest lie films fed us, other than stalking is romantic, is the wedding night.

We are fed with the idea that the First Night is all about a bed covered with flowers and a room lit by candlelight. Be it arranged or love marriage, Suhaag Raat is such a hype in our country. Well, things are different for modern couples as they get intimate before actually tying the knot! 20 Indian Women on the internet shared how they spent their first night and they actually gave us a reality check.

First Night
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Let us take a look at what women have to say:

1. After a day of standing for 16 hours with more than 1500 bobby pins in your head to smile at every relative who even has the energy?  I was completely drained out. Of course, I had expectations from my First Night. The last thing I did was remove all my bobby pins, kissed him on his cheeks and slept. – Priya Khaitan, 32

2. His cat refused to go out of the room. She climbed on the bed and slept between us! After 4 years of marriage, we still joke about it. – Deepika Sharma, 29

First Night
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3. We had an arranged marriage. He wasn’t interested at all.  To be honest, I was also not prepared and didn’t even know each other well.  We did it after a month and it was the best day of my life. – Shivani Mathur, 27

4. I got married to the love of my life. After dating him for 6 years, we were finally a married couple. I cried a lot because I was missing my family. We spent the whole night just chatting. There was nothing like ideal Suhaag Raat-  Ruhani Sahini, 30

5. Both of us were too tired, we just cuddled and slept in each other’s arms. There were so many rituals lined up for the next morning. Good sound sleep in the arms of my partner was my Suhaag Raat.

6. We sat in Sauna together, drank a lot of wine, and went to sleep immediately. Amrita Roshan, 28

First Night
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7. We had an arranged marriage. He was very much into it but it was very uncomfortable for me. I told him about my feelings and we didn’t do it on the same day. –  Kriti, 27

8. Ours was a love marriage! Everything was legit now. It was a full-on steamy night. – Kanak, 29

9. Okay! We already discussed it. First, we slept for a few hours. We did get intimate but after a nap. How could we not get intimate? After all, it was our First Night. We had to make it special.  Neha, 33

10. We chatted all night, made fun of hilarious relatives and got to know each other more. It was a surreal experience, we got intimate after the 15 days of our marriage. – Sara, 30

First Night
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11. We had a lot of fun.  He had already booked a resort for the first night. We went there and had our best night – Palak, 26

12. There was the main Puja Lined up the next morning so I was asked to sleep with my mother–in–law. We chatted the entire night on WhatsApp.  Both of us were excited but had to wait for a week. – Payal, 29

13. He helped to get rid of my Hairpins, there were a few cozy moments, peck, and then a good sleep. – Preeti, 28

First Night
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14. We were too tired in the night so just before going for the shower, we had a quick morning session. – Jaya, 34

  1. My feet were aching and I wasn’t able to handle the lehenga anymore. Guess what? He gave me a feet massage and then ( you know the rest) – Ayushi, 34

16.T here was a lot of chaos at his place on that day so we dropped the idea. We eventually did in a hotel room that he booked after 15 days of our wedding. – Gehna, 28

17. He drank a lot that night and became quite emotional. The whole night I was listening to him. I kissed his forehead and went to sleep – Apoorva, 30

18.We could still hear people dancing and singing outside. Honestly, we wanted to get intimate but just couldn’t’ – Rihanna, 33

19.I had a lot of expectations and was super excited too but he was very tired. He told this to me honestly. – Shreya, 31

20.His sisters and cousins were giggling. They sent us to a room decorated with flowers and candles. I loved their efforts but it was embarrassing. We giggled, had some cozy moments, and went to sleep.

Note: Some names were changed on request

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