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Dating tips: The perfect time to make first move on her

Ever wondered what is stopping you from dating her or are you thinking of a perfect time to make the first move? Read on to know more about dating tips.

Like they say reading a woman’s mind is very difficult because what’s really on their mind, they usually never say it. Perhaps, they will show you the signs of what they want in a million ways but not all of the guys can figure that out.

What a woman wants, guys usually don’t get it. And when women send any signal and guys misinterpret, it ends in total embarrassment. So, actually, no one is to blame because every woman is different and the signs they send are, too confusing.

First move

But remember that reading a woman’s mind may be difficult but it is not at all impossible.

So if you need some advice, here are a few things to know for sure it time for you to make a move.

  1. She stares: Making secret eye contact is the game that girls love to play and they do that a lot, so if you find that she keeps on looking at you secretly or otherwise and you keep catching her eye gaze, and she smiles and then looks away, then it is a clear sign she is flirting with you and wants you to come to her.

  2. She smiles: Smiling at someone is a way of telling that we like them and that maybe we want to interact with them. If she can’t resist and smiles all the time then take the hint she’s got a major crush going on.

  3. She is always near you: Obviously, if a girl wants you to make a move, she is going to be near you as much as possible so that you both can notice each other and start a conversation. It is fact that she can’t expect you to ask her out if you are never around each other.

  4. She comes over to talk: Girls never go and talk to random people specially when they are strangers. It happens because she wants to spend some time with you to know you better which obviously shows that she is actually interested to go out with you.

  5. She touches you: Another fact is that being physically affectionate with someone is a crystal clear sign that they like you. So if she always finds an excuse to touch your arm or give you a hug, it’s because she likes you, and not afraid to get more physical with you.

  6. She buys gifts for you: Everyone loves to receive gifts and specially when it is from your loved one. She is madly in love with you if she’s spending money for you on gifts and treats because that’s her way to show you how much she cares about you.

  7. She gives compliments: Complimenting someone is a pretty obvious sign that they like you but if a girl is doing that on a daily basis means she is into you and can’t wait to go out with you. You can see the magic she does when you will start giving her compliments.

  8. She asks personal questions: Asking questions are fine but when a girl asks you many personal questions, it shows she is interested in you and your life and also wants to get to know you better.

  9. She shows interest in your family: If you just met her and she started asking about your family then take the hint. She is trying to show you how much she cares, and how she is trying to get indulge by taking interest in your family. A girl like that is always a keeper.

  10. She makes friends with your friends: Not an easy thing to do but If she’s making a real effort to hang out with your friends then yes, she is serious about you. She knows that your friends will tell you everything and you might ask their advice on whether or not to ask her out, so she wants them to be her biggest fans. Period.

  11. She flirts with you: Flirting is a good and easy way to tell someone that you are wanted. If she is flirting, then you can easily ask her out. There should not be any confusion now because there was flirting remember.

  1. She teases you: Teasing you gently is probably another way of flirting with you. Girls do that playfully to get your attention and to perhaps make you fall for her. She will do things that you really like so that you both can have a wonderful time.

  1. She keeps touching her hair: Multiple studies have shown that if a girl touches her hair playfully in front of you then it means she’s flirting. We know it’s a very self-conscious and feminine thing to do, but if she does quite a lot when she is with you then yes, make a move.

  1. She wants your time: She may want to be alone with you so that no one can bother you. She may always find reasons to be alone with you and also may hope that it might be just the time for you to say something to her.

  1. She laughs at everything you say: She will laugh at everything that comes out of your mouth, even if she doesn’t get the joke or was a bad one. It’s only because you make her nervous, and she finds you funny, and she is obviously trying to show you how much she likes you.

  1. She calls and texts: Every time when your phone beeps, it’s her. A clear sign shows how much desperate she is to go out with you. Just do it already because she is really into you and the person who is desperate for you may do everything for you.

  1. She wants to be in pictures with you: She likes to create memories and that too with you. If every time you take a snap, and her pretty little face pops up, know that it’s her way of making sure you remember her.

  2. She agrees on everything you say: For her, even your most boring suggestions seem like wonderful ideas to her. She obviously wants to spend time with you so whatever you ask her to do she will do it as long as it doesn’t hurt her feelings.

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We know that hair flicking, physical touching, eye contact are some of the examples. But, here are some signs that are categorized by an expert view:

1) Positive

2) Neutral

3) Negative

First move

Some Examples of Positive signals:

  1. Flicking hair all the time

  2. Touching you accidentally and intentionally

  3. Texting you all the time

  4. Strong eye contact

  5. Agrees to go out with you

  6. Allows you to touch her

  7. You tease her and she loves it

Neutral signals:

  1. She gives you logical responses

  2. She’s doesn’t actually agree or disagree on anything

  3. She agrees to go out but never actually go

  4. She doesn’t even pays attention

Negative signals:

  1. She always comes up with excuses

  2. She’s almost never meet you

  3. No texting back at all

  4. Has negative body language to you

  5. Not a slight bit of attention

  6. Your interaction doesn’t mean much to her

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