Firdausi Korma to Muglai Paratha, 6 Winter Foods of Delhi That Are Warm & Yummy

Here are six Winter Foods of Delhi you must try. These things will keep you indulged all winter

Winter Foods of Delhi: Winters have different effects on different people. For some, they bring colds, flu, and fever. But for some people it is the time for cosying up in bed, wrapped in a blanket and a coffee with a novel. But no season can stop food lovers from feeding their bellies and tickling their taste buds. If you are a foodie, always have an excuse to eat something different or try something new. Your mantra should be “If it’s food, it must be good.” And what better way to enjoy winter than to have food! Here are six Winter Foods of Delhi you must try. These things will keep you indulged all winter.

Cream of Chicken/ Mushroom soup. Have a bad cold? If you want that warm, trickling feeling which makes you feel cosy from the inside, you should be heading to your nearest Pizza Hut. Are you there? Good. Now order a Cream of chicken (Cream of mushroom, if you are a vegetarian) and have a bowlful of sheer bliss. And here is a tip. If you have a really bad cold, you would love to mix a drop or two of the tabasco sauce and some chilli flakes. Trust me, you’ll love it, and that severe cold will fly out of you.

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Firdausi Korma/Mutton Korma, with Khameeri roti. This is a dish only for non-vegetarians, I’m afraid. If you are a meat lover. You should visit Karim’s and try their Firdausi Korma/Mutton Korma, with Khameeri roti. The best part is that Karim’s now has many other outlets all over Delhi and NCR, from Green Park to DLF Saket in South and Atta Market and Golf Course Road, in Gurgaon. You can find the nearest one online.

Desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to try the “Rich chocolate temptation” or “Melting moments” on Café Coffee Day. “Rich chocolate temptation” has a rich chocolate cake, served with ice cream, while “Melting Moments” is a Lava cake, served with rice and hot fudge sauce, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (If you have a cold, you should ask them to scratch off the ice cream from the order.)

Thukpa at Wangdud Restaurant. Thukpa at Wangdud Restaurant, at MajnuKaTila. The deliciousness of the stew, with the crunchy and succulent pieces of chicken (or veggies, if you are keen to miss the meat side of life) and the slurp of the noodle. It’s heaven! It is also a brilliant place to have ginger and mint tea. Trust me. It works wonders on your nose-biting cold.

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Chicken tikka with Mughlai Paratha. Chicken tikka with Mughlai Paratha. (Mushroom tikka, for both Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. What can I say? It’s just delicious!)atRajinder Da Dhaaba. Just go crazy on them and since there are no tables, you can eat inside your car or on top of your bikes. I have none, so I just keep it on any random bike, parked there!

Desi Chai. Grab a glassful of “Desi Chai” from Chaayos. I know it doesn’t come under food, but I had to include this. Their tea has magical healing properties for the heart, soul, and cold! What’s more? There is an option to add up to 12 add-ons, which have ingredients like tulsi (Basil), adrak (Ginger), elaichi (cardamom), and many more. If you have a cold ask them for cloves, black pepper, cardamom, and basil. And your day will be made.

So here is our list of good places to have food in winter. Hope your winter will be as food-filled as mine!

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