The weirdest things that women do in winters

Sometimes women are also too lazy to get up and work, here are some weirdest things that they do

Many uninvited troubles are tagged along with the arrival of winters. Laziness is one of the most apparent problems faced by all. After all, who wants to get out of bed in such cold atmosphere? No one right? We dread touching cold surfaces with our bare skin and especially water. Here are some weirdest things they do.

Women, whom we assume are the strongest creature created by God, are also not oblivious to this fact. Surprisingly, women are the ones who do the weirdest, dirtiest and most gross things to avoid getting out of bed in winters. What? Let us find out:

1.Skipping Bath

Obviously removing clothes and getting naked just for the sake of bathing is not worth all the cold air your skin will catch in the process. What harm skipping bath for a day could do? But, apparently, that’s not where you stop because washing hair is a bigger task. Women are always looking for excuses to avoid having head bath.

The weirdest things that women do in winters
Too lazy to get up

2.Hold back pee

When we were kids and we had to pee really bad in middle of the night, we would hold it back. Those were the times when fear of being caught by monsters used to speak but now even after being all grown; we are scared of leaving bed to pee. Why? Because ‘Cool air Monster’ might catch us. Funny but women do that.

3.Wearing same jeans for weeks

Washing clothes in winter is a big ‘NO’. Come on, who would want to wash clothes knowing you, might catch cold. That is the reason, we often see women wearing same jeans or leggings for weeks without caring how dirty they look or how bad it smell. It is providing them warmth, which is all that matters at that time.

4.Splashing face in moisturizer

One of the negatives of winters is dry skin. Sometimes to cover that dry skin, women blob their faces with too much lotion, which makes them look gross. But what can they do? Nothing.

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