What healthy venting looks like in a secure relationship

A secure relationship allows you to feel safe and gives you space to vent in a healthy manner.

A few cornerstones of a secure relationship you should look out for!

Healthy venting in any relationship can help you express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations in a constructive and respectful manner. In a secure relationship, healthy venting is extremely encouraged and also helps to improve the quality of the relationship. How can you vent in a healthy manner in a secure relationship? 

  1. Open communication- Healthy venting starts with open and honest communication. In this, you and your partner can both comfortably share whatever you feel without having any fear of judgment. 
  2. Asking for permission- venting can often be distressing for the other person if they are not in the correct mind space for it. So asking for the permission of the other person before you start venting or before you start sharing your problems is a good sign of healthy venting in a secure relationship. 
  3. Active listening- A secure relationship is also bound by active listening wherein both partners respect each other and listen to what they have to say without making premature judgments. 
  4. In healthy venting in secure relationships, there is also more use of personal pronouns, which means while venting you use pronouns such as “I” which shows that you take responsibility or you are talking about yourself rather than blaming or accusing your partner. 
  5. Healthy venting in a secure relationship is also bound by respectful tone and language. Even when venting, it is important to use respectful language and tone. Use of offensive words or hurtful words to express your anger or frustration is just going to cause more problems. 
  6. Setting boundaries- While venting is healthy, it is also important to set boundaries so that it does not turn into something negative. Establish a time limit and agree on how often the venting can occur. 
  7. Maintaining confidentiality- Whatever is shared during the venting process should be within the relationship. Moreover, it should not impact the overall communication in the relationship. 
  8. Apologizing and forgiving- If you say something that was hurtful and upsetting to your partner, it is important that you apologize for it and also be forgiving if the same is done to you.

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