We The Young: A Platform Bringing Young India Together

We the Young, a platform where you can pour your Heart!

Spreading words about meaningful content is a good thing to do. In an era, where content is overflowing, it has become really important to have an eye for good content. Here is a story of hope, inspiration and type of content which is needed at this hour. We the Young is a positive mouthpiece for young Indians. They bring stories that are at the heart of young India today- Passion, careers, mental health and love.

We the Young is a platform where you can pour your heart. Through their striking videos, events and workshops, they discover and nurture new talent. The motive behind this startup is to advocate important issues like mental health and provide skilling opportunities for young people.

So far, they have featured 250 stories and have touched millions of lives. Talking about the founder of We the Young India, Charit Jaggi, a filmmaker , journalist and now entrepreneur wants to highlight stories that represent and celebrate Young India. Charit has made award-winning documentary films for brands like National Geographic & Discovery, reported for NDTV and is the former Editorial Director of Josh Talks.

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Interestingly, he also went on to curate Delhi’s biggest Mental Health Event – What’s Up Zindagi, where young people were given workshops on mental health awareness.

Inputs of the founder 

we the young

While talking Charit said, “So many of us have grappled with challenges & complexities while growing up, be it parental pressure, bullying, sexual abuse, academic stress, mental health issues but there are hardly any platforms listening to and amplifying these stories, that’s the mission behind starting We The Young, to share stories that bring young India together.”

On Mental health, he further added, “We need to create more platforms and safe spaces for people to come and share their vulnerabilities and problems. We’re 333 million young people, the world’s largest youth population, and yet so many of us are battling with loneliness, anxiety, and depression alone. No one deserves to suffer alone. There is an urgent need for us to come together as a generation, right now more than ever.”

You can read their impact stories

The stories featured on We The Young have created an impact by not just bringing about an ideological change but also by encouraging more young Indians to open up about their journeys. For instance, a story released by the platform towards the end of last year was of a Chandigarh based girl, Udita, who was battling anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder. When their community heard the story, people started understanding the importance of seeking professional help and opening up about their struggles. The story became a bundle of hope and strength that has bought about a significant impactful change.

We The Young impact

Their recent initiative Mental Health Dost: Kudos it was needed

Mental health dost is an online support and resource portal. They are actively communicating and opening up to us about their mental health, this portal aims to support them in their journey. It is an exhaustive repository of resources, helplines, articles, art therapy ideas etc to help anyone in distress.

You can seek for help here if you want: Mental Health Dost

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