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Things to let your children see you and your partner do

"Shape your children's view of healthy relationships by modelling independence, communication, joy, respect, and affection with your partner.

Modelling Healthy Relationships: Actions to Demonstrate to Your Children

Shaping Future Relationships through Positive Examples

The way we behave in relationships with each other affects our children and shapes their views of adult relations and theirs in turn. We must therefore model positive interpersonal responses when others see us with our children. Children understand much more than we think, even if we presume they will never understand it. Some actions you can do given or with your children to show respectful interactions include safety, caring, and interdependency attributes.

1. Engage in Individual Pursuits:

Though joint activities are necessary for friendship, proving the significance of individuality is as important as well. Giving attention to individual interests is believed to make children autonomous as they learn to enjoy others’ uniqueness within a connection.

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2. Navigate Disagreements Together:

Confrontation is characteristic of every relationship. Kids need this to understand how to handle disagreements positively; and how to be considerate toward other points of view. Such skill helps to develop a sense of cosy connection with another person and the significance of mutual dialogues in their

3. Have Fun Together:

Humour helps build a happy family atmosphere through fun and silly times as a couple. These playful times make parents feel closer and show kids what family happiness should look like.

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4. Speak Positively of Your Partner:

Speaking positively about your partner is even more important when they are not there as it continues to show your children that you value and respect their father. By doing so, one creates a feeling of confidence and portrays a favourable picture of the other members of the family.

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5. Show Physical Affection:

A safe and loving touch is revealed through simple expressions of physical affection like hugs, kisses and holding hands. The children witnessing these gestures recognise that physical intimacy is a normal and affectionate part of a wholesome relationship.

By implementing these behaviours into your regular interactions with your spouse, you give your kids a real-life example of how to establish and preserve a good relationship. Remember that your behaviour speaks louder than words, and the examples you set now might influence how your kids view relationships in the future.

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