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Spice-up Sexting Game: 4 Reasons Why It’s Not a Bad Idea

The technological revolution is a boon. Thanks to technology for bringing us close to our romantic partners, even if they are far away. But is it ok to do sexting?

Sexting is sending or receiving sexually suggestive or explicit text, pictures, and videos to someone else via smartphone, tablet, and computer. So, it is safe to say that technology has made it incredibly easier for people to stay ‘closely’ in touch with their relationship partners, even when they are geographically far from each other.

It has been seen that most men tend to think its fine and normal to send and receive sexually explicit text messages. In contrast, most women have more negative views about such activities. However, multiple research and surveys have revealed that women equally enjoy occasional or regular sexting with their partners or strangers.

Live-in partners or married couples don’t need to sext for obvious reasons, as they can have real experience. However, men and women still do it for fun because they are in that comfort zone with their romantic partners. It also helps them to know what the other thinks about them for promoting such sexual behaviour.

Now, why do they call it ‘Sexting’?

The term was first used in the 21st century formed by joining two words ‘sex’ and ‘texting’. In 2012, the word sexting was named for the first time in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

Who does it? 

Multiple surveys have revealed that sexting has increased among teenagers in recent years, along with the number of teenagers with smartphones. Funny! The survey also revealed that people of all ages or sexual orientations do sexting. It is completely okay if it occurs between consenting adults.

However, sexting is illegal between kids and young people. It becomes a crime when it involves harassing people of any age. 

Following are some reasons why people of all age groups try sexting once in life.

Research says that sending nudes is most likely to occur between people who are committed to each other or in a casual relationship, as they find this delicious and tempting, which helps them to maintain intimacy, especially in their long-distance relationship. It has been observed that men are significantly more likely to do sexting with a casual partner. At the same time, women are more likely to sext with a committed partner.

  • To maintain lust: 

People who have friends with benefits often engage in sexting to keep the lust in their relationship, because the fact here is crazy sex is all that they are looking for from each other. It is for their own benefit as horny couples do this to know the deepest sex desires of their partner to have better sexual pleasures and positively impact their more sexual and less emotional relationship.

  • To fool around: 

Some people not committed to sexual relationships start sexting to express their passion and lust and spur sexual interaction. However, some take sexting for granted because there is no emotional attachment, so it’s fun for them and a flirty way to stay connected with their partner.

  • To hook up: 

Sending nudes or erotic words to complete strangers or acquaintances sometimes works because it turns them on. If it is for the short term, some prefer that way. In such a situation, sexting seems like a direct way to get what you want from people with similar interests. It is, however, a very lame thing to do. By doing it, the sender is losing his self-respect, and no respectable receiver will appreciate it.

Men or women, who are into sexting more?

“It is human behaviour and is entirely normal. If something goes wrong, men and women will be equally responsible for sexting. Over the years, I have seen people with various weird choices, like some like to watch porn but don’t like sexting anyone, or vice-versa. If a receiver is comfortable with intimacy over chat, it will encourage the sender to send anything to make it work without fault of his/her own.

Several kinds of research and surveys prove that men and women both are into sexting. However, what matters is consent which is very essential because it has been observed that men often sext without any permission, which not only makes them a loser but also makes the receiver feel disgusted. 

Sexting is very personal and should be done with your trusted partner only. There is a reason why women are often seen as a victim in viral sexting stories.

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