Holi Special: 3 Hair and Skincare Tips Should Do Post Holi

Done with playing Holi? It’s time get rid of colours. Here are the post-Holi hair and skincare tips

In the name of ‘Bura na mano Holi Hai,’ we often end up having our whole body coated with colours and drenched in water. After all, it’s the festival of colours we are talking about. While celebrating, we might not realise how Holi festivities can affect our health and skin. Post the celebration, you might get some skincare issues, especially when the colours are not organic. So, to choose the safer road, here are the post-Holi health, hair and skincare tips you must apply after your celebrations.

Hair and skin care tips
Hair and skin care tips

Post-Holi Health, hair and Skincare Tips

1. Skin Care

Clean Your Skin Well: The first and foremost thing that goes without saying is washing your face well. Take cold water and a good face wash or facial cleanser, massage each corner of your face and neck with the facewash and remove as much colour as you can. Don’t be too harsh on your skin; gently rinse off the colour.

Exfoliating: Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that help and should be in a skincare routine. To have healthy skin after playing Holi, exfoliating is very important. And the simplest way to do so is by mixing coconut oil and sugar, rubbing it all around your face and skin, and rinsing off after 4-5 minutes.

Treating the sunburns: Holi is generally played in the day hours when the sun is at its extreme. Hence, there is a chance of suntan and burns. Rubbing ice, wrapped in a thin cloth, over the affected area can help reduce the redness and burns, if any.

Moisturise well

Moisturising: Moisturising is essential. Please apply a good hydrating moisturiser to your skin after the above things.

Avoid makeup and parlour sessions: Since you have just cleaned your skin from the toxic colours, your body needs time to absorb the skincare you are applying. So, while maintaining the skincare routine, avoid makeup and parlour sessions.

2. Haircare

Shampooing and Conditioning: First, you must wash your hair with an excellent foaming natural shampoo. Massage all over your head and ensure all the colour is appropriately removed. Apply a conditioner after shampooing to thoroughly moisturise your hair and scalp.

Apply homemade haircare: Apply a good hair oil or a mask or go with a homemade mask by mixing egg, honey and yoghurt. Avoid any fancy styling or use of any product, like hair styling or sprays, for at least 2-3 days.

Skin care and Haircare

3. Healthcare and detox:

Hydrate yourself Well: During festivals, most people generally intake alcohol and sugary food. Hence, after festivities, hydrating oneself is crucial to eliminating your tiredness.

Eat light, fresh, homemade food: You must have had spicy and oily food on the festival, so now is the time for detox. Eat light food like khichdi or plain dal and chapatis, and avoid oil for at least a week.

Health care and Detox

Workout: You might not require to hit the gyms to get to your regular shape and physique. You can go with mild exercise for your body to get back to a better blood and oxygen nutrient supply. Exercise also releases ‘happy hormones’ and endorphins to help overcome the festival blues.

So, these are the primary health, hair and skincare advices you should remember to implement after your Holi Celebrations. We wish you a very Happy Holi. Happy festivities!

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