Know the connection between Finger painting and mental health

Better health through art and Finger painting

There is a positive connection between art and mental health – activities like Sculpting, Painting or Drawing relieves stress and promotes mental calmness. Creating artwork takes you away from your everyday monotonous routines and provides you with a relaxing distraction.

Studies show creative expression helps maintain our immune systems and that art is clinically proven to reduce stress, elevate mood and maintain blood pressure. 

In fact, research also shows that patients who are exposed to art during a hospital stay can heal quicker and have an overall better experience. 

Finger painting

In their study, published in American Journal of Public Health, Heather L Stuckey, D.Ed and Jeremy Nobel, MD, concluded there’s a direct link between creative arts and health outcomes, both physical and mental. “Engagement with creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress and depression and can serve as a vehicle for alleviating the burden of chronic disease,” they found.

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They also stated, “Through creativity and imagination, we find our identity and our reservoir of healing. The more we understand the relationship between creative expression and healing, the more we will discover the healing power of the arts.”

I wouldn’t say that painting will fix a broken bone, or it will cure cancer. But art does have a positive, tangible and healthy impact on our daily lives and in many ways can act as a preventive medicine.

Engaging with arts also allows us time to meditate and reflect. It brings us joy, offers social connection, lays emphasis on values creation over consumerism, makes us better problem solvers, and gives us a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Participating in the creative process leaves people feeling happier, less anxious, more resilient, and more self-confident.

Finger painting

Finger painting

Finger paintings improve the power of focus, concentration, it also triggers the memory lane and the memory functionality through the tiny nuances that are felt when the surface is touched, the nervous system is triggered and the signals are passed to the brain and the brain functionality works better in accordance with the color contrasting and the person feels the elevated essence.

Anusree’ s paintings are the visual balance between the colors that attract the mind and the feel of the colors through the fingers relieves stress and takes concentration to a different level. These paintings connote the multi dimensions, the space, and the outer beings. The paintings also show the past events that are related to the extraterrestrial beings and their existence on this planet years ago.

Finger painting

She believes in the fact that there are many other universes just like earth and there are different beings that live on those planets just like humans on earth. In her words, “We think what we see is real, real can be myth and myth can be real. Time and realms can be deceptive”. She strongly believes that we live in a small puddle which is part of an ocean-like universe.

There is indescribable electricity that comes with creating something with your bare hands. While you touch and feel the paints and the canvas or a base; you not only feel the texture of the paint but also feel connected to the universe. It’s an immense experience of feeling how beautifully your body is designed to notice the nerve impulses that travel all the way to your brain while painting with your bare hands or fingers. I would call it a Spiritual experience that everyone must try and feel the impact of it. 

Finger painting

Painting is also a meditative process where you completely indulge yourself in the flow of looking into the colors, blending them according to your mood and emotions, feeling the subtle art of creativity that your mind and body coordinate simultaneously to create the masterpiece that portrays your emotions in a piece of paper or a canvas. Through this process we dwell in the meditative state of happiness and bliss as we disconnect with the outer world and indulge within ourselves relieving the stress. 

Engagement with Art is a Spiritual connection to the universe. It’s about rediscovering yourself and igniting your mind altogether.

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