March 4 marks Employee Appreciation Day: 10 memes that every employee will relate to!

Employee Appreciation Day, here we bring to you 10 memes that will prove how appreciated we actually feel(Just for fun)


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Every year the first Friday of March is celebrated as Employee Appreciation Day. It is meant for employers so that they can thank their employees for their efforts. Behind every successful firm, there is a team of dedicated individuals, who work hard to make things happen. But cut to – Real World – it’s not that rosy as it sounds.  Anyway, we might hate our work but we can’t stop respecting it. Our workplace adds masala to our life hai na? Imagine how will you feel if your manager approves your leave without even asking? Imagine you getting a hike without even listening – Budget Kaafi Tight hai!

Here is a piece that will make you laugh hard! Ft. Office Memes for Working Teens ( Just for fun).

No matter how cool your manager is – they will never happily approve your long leaves. In that case, Kehna toh banta hai- Bhai Kya Kar Raha hai Tu?

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The extreme happiness of working a little less in February and still getting full salary – It is quite satisfying, isn’t it?

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Hahaha! Is that relatable? Like quite relatable. So, are you guys getting a hike?

We all have seen these types of employees in our organizations, right? Some are tough, some are easy – but yes both are required for a solid team.

Because can say anything-  Do you agree?

What if we had an option to say no? Pain of every employee during the Pandemic.

Like, seriously?

So what are you up to? Are you following your crush?

This is something that organizations should take seriously. Employees should be valued for their efforts.

It’s employee appreciation day, do not forget to tag your boss on this! But at your risk.

Well, a little recognition of the work can make a big difference in the performance of an employee.  Research shows the feeling of appreciation increases productivity, morale, and engagement. There are many creative ideas to celebrate this day. Be it sending goodies to having lunch together, a small effort can make a big difference. Well, we have an amazing idea that can be really helpful – Write a LinkedIn recommendation for your employees. It’s personal, meaningful and an endorsement of someone’s hard work.  It will not only make them feel appreciated but will also help them in the future even if it is not in your organization.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article! Do not forget to share it with your friends and with your Boss. ofcourse Kuch Aise Employees Jo Bina Baat Ke frustrated hai!

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