Is it easy to get emotionally detached?

Emotional Detachment: Faulty Affects as well as Key to Better Life

You must have heard people telling to hold on to the emotions. There is no harm in expressing your emotions but some people do not express their emotions that easily. Today, we will talk about people who are emotionally detached. It is also known with the terms like ‘emotional numbing’ or ‘dissociation’. There are two meanings of the term, first, one being when someone avoids the situation intentionally when he/she is aware of the fact that he will not be able to cope up with it, and second when a person builds boundaries to keep himself away from emotionally demanding situations.

The myth about emotional detachment

A common misconception regarding the people who are emotionally detached is, society thinks that they are incapable of interpreting or expressing their personal feelings but the truth is that they intentionally avoid the situation where they think the demand is much or they wouldn’t be able to cope up with it easily or they might  have undergone a traumatic experience before.


A lot of things depend on our childhood experiences. We could behave in a certain due to our past experiences. Ever noticed a child or a teenager whose parents have been separated due to incompatibility! Either they are frustrated or are scared in expressing the emotions thinking they’ll have to suffer the same as their parents did. Being forced or taught of suppressing feelings can be really risky and can lead to some negative ways or outlets through which emotions are expressed like drugs or alcohols.
We all have heard the statement from the elders to the crying boys. They are told not to cry and be strong as crying is the work of girls and is the sign of people who are emotionally weak. The fact as per society that crying is a sign of weakness has not been proven by any of the researchers. Let people show their emotions and ones who are not able to, it’s our responsibility to help them in expressing their emotion whether it’s, anger, sadness, happiness or anything in a healthy way.

Upgrades the Quality of Life

Impatient, restlessness, or temporary depression, we all must have experienced these in our mundane routine. Go through the situations given below –

1. You are getting late for an urgent work and your vehicle have a flat tire.

2. You miss your favorite TV program.

3. You planned some work with a lot of effort but it didn’t work out in the way you thought.

4. You were sure with your promotion at the workplace but someone else got it.

What will be your first reaction after facing the above situations?

You will feel frustrated, will become unhappy and sad. Well, all this is obvious as it has become a human nature but, just for once, think that you are calm and poised in uncomfortable situations. It is difficult to hold the feeling that the situation is demanding but not impossible. A little detachment is no harm.

Being detached does not mean that you completely cut your contacts with everyone or you are not happy or you lost your friends, it simply means that negativity of other’s life is not affecting your state of mind.

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1. It is not necessary every time for you to take things personally even if someone is saying or commenting on you. You have to limit yourself and try to ignore the comments coming from people who don’t even know you. It is good to focus on yourself and what people whom you can trust easily think about you. With this, you will not waste time upon thinking about what people think or say about you.

2. There have been certain memories in our past which always makes us unhappy while thinking them at any point in time. Well, a little detachment will help you to overcome it and male you learn moving forward.

3. One of the most important things it teaches you is being unbiased. Being biased or partial can be a negative mark on your personality. It helps you deal with the unpleasant situation or people.

4. When you will get through the habit of handling unpleasant people with patience, of course, you will save yourself from being exhausted.

5. There is an uncountable number of reasons, why little detachment is necessary but noting them down will be a difficult task. The above-listed points are the immediate help you will receive as soon as you start practicing.

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