Salad Diet Myth: Is only Salad good for Weight Loss?

Salad Diet Myth: What all you can eat to shed weight? 

Salad Diet Myth- Le us break it- India is a land with varied culture but the greatest culture is food. Food in India is not just food but it is an emotion. Every food item has a story to narrate. The food rituals are an integral part of Indian Culture. Tourists from nook and cranny of the world have a lot to talk about Indian food. So no wonder we are blessed with in numerous merits of dishes of India. From gains to losing weight, we have a huge menu in everything with compromising the daily eating habit.

For example, we have ‘rice’ and ‘daal’ as our comfort food, quitting up on comfort food is tough as well as disheartening too. So for people are aspiring good fitness and great body, there is good news. We just need to upgrade a few recipes and ingredients. It’s a simple amelioration of rice to brown rice and curries with less oil.

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Daal – Rice, the perfect Indian mix

Daal-Rice is considered to be the perfect protein for a vegetarian. The proteins and amino acids in daal are complementary to those in rice. Daal and rice are both incomplete proteins but eating them together makes the combination a complete protein for vegetarians. Grains, such as rice or wheat can act as complementary proteins for legumes such as lentils. They contain the cysteine and methionine that lentils don’t have, and lentils provide the lysine that grains do not have enough of. We need good research to understand the benefits of Indian comfort food.

Better metabolism and good digestion results in fat loss. Fat loss might be linked with eating salad or starving yourself, but in reality, better nutrition and eating daal rice will encourage long term fitness and fat loss. This food will make you look and feel good. Eating ghee also supports fat loss and reduction in belly fat, but with the right proportion.


WHY daal rice? Daal rice is your safest when it comes to losing weight. This is because if you completely end up leaving carbohydrates, chances are you will be low in energy and also constipated a lot of times. Both are feelings and struggles you wouldn’t want to put your body through. If you eat daal rice every day for dinner or even four times a week, you will have better digestion and will not feel any loss of energy through the day. Moreover, you will not resist the process of losing weight and will cheat whatever chance you get. We don’t need to spend a lot of money over getting a perfect meal for diet rather we need knowledge of existing food and its ingredient.

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