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Assam’s Vibrant Triumph: Asom Divas 2023 Unveiling Heritage, Unity, and Joy

Asom Divas 2023, a jubilant tribute to Assam's history on December 2, celebrates the rich tapestry of culture, uniting hearts in joyous reflections on identity and diversity.

Asom Divas 2023: December 2 Marks the Proud Saga of Assam’s Identity – A Celebration Honoring Culture, History, and Diversity

Assam Divas 2023, also referred to as Asom Divas is a celebration that commemorates the establishment of the state of Assam, in India. Let’s delve into some information about the date, historical background and significance of why Assam Divas is celebrated.

Asom Divas 2023: Why is it celebrated; all about date, history and significance (Photo by Twitter/vijay_alpa)


Asom Divas is a day close to the hearts of Assamese people, celebrated annually on December 2.

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History and Significance:

Picture this – back in 1963, something transformative happened. Assam, once part of a larger state, found its own identity. On December 2, 1963, the States Reorganization Act of 1956 came into play, leading to the separation of Nagaland and Meghalaya from Assam. This marked the birth of the Assam we know today, a day etched in history.

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This day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a celebration of Assam’s rich culture and identity. It’s a nod to the tea plantations, the wildlife reserves, and the vibrant traditional art forms that make Assam unique. Asom Divas become a moment for reflection, a time when the people of Assam come together to cherish their past and celebrate the unity in their diversity.


As the day approaches, you can almost feel the excitement in the air. It’s a time for Assamese traditions to take centre stage. Imagine the streets alive with the beats of music and the rhythm of traditional dances. The aroma of Assamese cuisine wafts through the air, tempting everyone to indulge in the delightful flavours.

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Asom Divas isn’t just a day off; it’s a day to proudly wear your Assamese identity. It’s a celebration where individuals showcase their love for Assam and revel in the rich heritage of their state. So, whether it’s through captivating performances, delectable food, or just a heartfelt sense of pride, Assam comes alive on Asom Divas.

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