Realistic things we all should keep in mind even after turning 30

This is how life gets even better after turning 30

Still figuring out what to do in life after turning 30 then be calm and keep reading to know what all changes you want in your life. Like once Harry Styles said, age is just a number but maturity is a choice.

Remember when we were little and how we used to think that the grown-ups had everything figured out? However, by now I am pretty sure you’ve probably realized that there’s no such thing as a “grown-up” and we’re all just trying to do our best while being sensitive to this world.

Well, the same goddamn thing applies to our goals, dreams, and personal life.

But then there are some things that ultimately hold us back, be it in your career, relationships, or with regard to your health.

Turning 30

So, as you approach 30, follow these important tasks to set your goals for yourself

  1. Workout daily: Commit to your regular exercise because after turning 30, exercise is no longer just essential for building your muscles; but also it’s crucial to your well-being. You don’t have to go to the gym always, doing Yoga is pretty much awesome to have a better quality of life. Physical activity not only keeps your weight in check but also keep you healthy as you age.

  2. Eat healthily: Make a habit of eating more green veggies, fruits and boiled food to keep your body in a good shape as you age. Eating unhealthy will reflect on your skin and health later and you will regret it so it’s high time now. You can also find some ways to make your vegetables more appealing by trying different cooking styles as often as you can so it will be easy for you to stick around as long as possible.

  3. No Binge drinking: Moderate amounts of alcohol may be good for you but then again don’t get addicted to it. Probably you have already had your fun when you were in college and that was more than enough because simply now is not the time for all this. Being addicted to it is a terrible thing to do to your body. Enjoy a glass or two of wine, but know when to stop.Turning 30

  4. Take your health more seriously: You have to keep an eye on your health issues before is too late. Be aware of any potential problems because we all know and even many studies have shown that diseases can be cured if diagnosed at right time. Also, don’t overthink which increases your stress knowing that it is not good for you. Always, visit your doctor for regular checkups especially when you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  5. Fight for what you believe in : Many times we go through some hard times with a feeling that change is going to happen eventually, and when it does we’ll be living the lives we envisioned for ourselves. However, (Spoiler alert), that day never comes, at least not to everybody. So, the truth is we have to fight and work hard to earn it to live our dream & the sooner we realize this, the sooner we’ll get to experience it. Remember, not fighting for what you believe in is the same as quitting.

  6. Stop depending on others: If you are physically fit and an able-minded adult, now is the time that you take care of yourself instead of relying on others. By the age of 30, you should be handling your own expenses & get rid of the habit of borrowing money from your parents. In fact, on the contrary, you should have started being their pillar of financial support. Sure, there can some emergencies but it shouldn’t be a routine and also you should be even more serious about paying off debt if you have any in the timeliest manner possible.

  7. Consider investing your money: Ideally, you should be saving your money by actively putting it towards your retirement fund and making a budget for your own expenses. You should be doing this in your twenties, but since you managed without it then, it is now essential that you do one now whether you have a family to take care of or not because it is for your own future. So, start saving for retirement now, because if you start late, you won’t be able to save much for retirement. Also, you can open different bank accounts for multiple saving purposes.Turning 30

  8. Staying in a bad relationship for too long: Obviously depends on the various situations like when there are kids involved but if your partner is taking you for granted, abuses you physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally then don’t you think your life will be better without your partner. It may seem hard but not as painful as it already is. Today, not only women but many men are also the victims of torture and abuse from their partners. In fact, now many men and women in their thirties are single than ever before and the best thing is they’re absolutely fine with it.

  9. Don’t hold grudges: If you are dwelling on hurtful memories and feelings of revenge then it can have a serious negative impact on your emotional and physical health. Plus, multiple studies have revealed that forgiveness can improve your life physically and psychologically along with keeping your blood pressure normal, less stress, less anxiety, less depression,  and maybe even a few fewer wrinkles. Isn’t that great?

  10. No toxic friends: Why would you even hang out with such people who aren’t good for you and your health and make you feel bad about yourself? Get rid of such people from your life to succeed in life and a career as simple as that.Turning 30

  11. Learn to say NO: Not a big deal but for some people, it is a huge thing to say no to others. You should stop being a people pleaser now by not letting others rule you or take advantage of you.

  12. Cooking at home: Placing an order for home delivery or even going out at restaurants is fun for obvious reasons and is much easier than making food at home but let’s be honest it is not at all healthy. Even some of the ‘so called’ healthier dishes are full of excess sodium, oil, and empty calories. So, you should make it your mission to cook more at home for your own good.

  13. Get Serious about your relationships: There’s nothing wrong with being unmarried in your thirties and in fact, it’s probably a lot of fun. But, value and respect your relationships whether it is blood or romantic.  And, as the years go by, it feels good and special to have someone by your side to share all those small and big moments in your life. Also, you should stop sleeping around with your tinder dates as you won’t feel nearly as fulfilled as you would developing a connection with someone special.

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  14. Call your parents more often: It doesn’t have to be twice a day or even every day, but you should definitely do this every week because you owe them a lot. Period. You should always remember that as you get older, your parents are getting older too and you don’t know how much time you have left with them. Give them a call every once in a while to let them know how much you value them, misses them and tell them all about what’s going on in your life because one thing that’s for sure is that they definitely miss you.

  15. Stop wasting time: It might not seem like you’re wasting too much time be it on social media, with friends or anywhere but it’s a whole lot more than you think. Those minutes and hours that you spend scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or watching videos on YouTube or hanging out with friends every day can be utilised somewhere in a meaningful way. So, unless you are getting any sort of benefits or encouragement from social media or your friends it is worthless to invest your time in them.

  16. Start planning your family: If you are really ready to start your own family then don’t waste any more time. There are plenty of things to consider when kids are in your future, whether it’s how to properly get off birth control or if you should upgrade your one-bedroom apartment to something a little more family-friendly. Talk to someone about your pre-baby to-do list to make sure you’re ready to take that big step, both emotionally and financially. And if your friends aren’t married, remember the 50 Things Single People Wish You’d Stop Saying.

  17. Explore & travel: You should travel somewhere where you’ve never been and make it more challenging and adventurous, travel to a city or a country where you don’t know the language. Now is the time when you can travel alone, with a significant other, or with your friends.

  18. Focus on Work-Life Balance: Companies will make you slave in one way or the other but you don’t have to be the one. You work for a company and you are getting paid for it but don’t overburden yourself with all the work as you have your personal life too. Continue to work hard, and by working smart so that you can take some time for your family and yourself.

  19. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes: We all have done something that we regret but that was all in the past and there is no need to linger in it. Don’t hold bad things against yourself your entire life and forgive yourself for what you’ve done wrong over the years and know you’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. Set yourself free from all that crap and move on for good.

Celebrate Yourself: Be thankful to your parents and God to give you this life and whenever you wake up every day, remember you are perfectly fine just the way you are.

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