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Teacher’s Day: Why life is the best teacher?

Teacher’s Day: 7 lessons that prove life is the best teacher

Teacher’s Day special: Many people teach us important life lessons. They can be our Guru, parents, siblings, peers, or anyone else. But all these people get their lessons from the experiences of their life. On this teacher’s day, we will learn WHY LIFE IS THE BEST TEACHER?

So, on this Teacher’s Day, let us take a look at lessons life teaches and why life is the best teacher?

Time does not last forever

best teacher

Procrastinators always say that you have all the time in the world. And when you look back to all those years, you realize how little you have accomplished. Many goals were left abandon.

You spent so much time saving your dreams for later, but later never came. In life, countless people take their time for granted. They were so concentrated on money, cars, other luxuries that they forget how valuable that time was. Unlike those material goods, time is something you can only experience only once. This means the time which had passed in playing video games or browsing on the internet will never come back.

Change requires your best

Change is not an overnight process. You cannot sit and imagine that the universe will hand over you, your dream life. To make any kind of process you need to take the initiative and have to commit 100%. You need to take a risk and work as long as you have to. Because if you are not willing to give your best you cannot expect the best.

Life is unpredictable

Sometimes even after giving all the time and hard work you may not succeed in life. Suppose you keep practising and preparing for an exam or game. But the eventual results were not up to your expectations.

Remember what Jeetu bhaiya said, “Kachhi Umar Mein Jab Kisi cheez ko itne dil se chahte Ho, toh mil gai toh sukun Hai. Aur nahi mili, toh milti Hai jealousy, chubhan, self-doubt. Confidence gir jaata Hai. Phir jitna duniya nahi samajhti na, utna aadmi khud ko loser samajhne lagta Hai.

best teacher

No one tells you how inevitable failure is. Be prepared and be ready to recover from all the failures and adapt. Otherwise, each failure will destroy your motivation.

Stop Complaining

best teacher

The average person wastes unbelievable time complaining. But complaining never solves anything. Every time you complain, you are burying yourself under the mountain of negativity and with time it gets harder and harder to dig yourself out. Instead of whining about your problems, figure out the solutions to fix them up. Complaining is not doing any favours to you.

Regretting missed opportunities

Regret is a popular subject of phycology. It was studied that younger people regrets mistake they made. While older people are wise enough to value their mistakes. They regret the chances and opportunities missed by them.

So, take the risks now. Because can take the chance of making mistakes but opportunities may never come again.

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Leave the comfort zone.

best teacher

Being spontaneous means acting on your impulses and trying new things. It is about leaving your comfort zone.

It’s to plan your life and maintain stability. But too much stability will suck the excitement of life. A single spontaneous adventure can nurture the more creative and passionate sides of your personality. It forces you to be vulnerable.

Being spontaneous and reckless are two very different things. You should not make expensive decisions without thinking.

Discover your niche

Our lives are filled with all kinds of expectations and norms. Right from wearing certain clothes to know certain words, you are expected to blend in-crowd. Irrespective you believe in those ideas or not.

Life is all about finding a unique niche that is meaningful to YOU.

Choose passion over money

Many people base their entire lives around their paycheck. After struggling for years, they realize, the amount of paycheck is not that fulfilling as they thought.

We are going to repeat may be the most cliché line, “Money can’t buy you happiness”.

Choose a path that sparks your interest and gets you excited. 

Skip the shortcuts

Hera pheri

Everyone has heard this, “Work smarter not harder”. This tells you to make a more innovative approach to get through your problems, instead of doing it the hard way.

But for some, this phrase is an excuse to take a shortcut. In the process of learning, you need to do things the hard way. You need to weather the storm and experience ups and downs.

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