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How does the death of a celebrity impact our mental health?

How does the death of a celebrity impact our mental health?  Death of a celebrity, Social Media and our mental health

Sidharth Shukla passed away on September 2, 2021, after suffering a massive heart attack.  He has left a void behind that will never be filled. Sidharth has left a legacy behind that will be cherished forever. His untimely demise has left his fans, friends and family devastated. His fans are now struggling to come to terms with harsh reality. His sudden death is also a reminder that life is unpredictable.   As soon as the news broke, our social media was flooded with his smiling pictures, videos and some emotional posts. Sidharth was a terrific actor and decent human being with a bright future. However, his death put a full stop to a life that might have been filled with happiness and success. The death of a celebrity always feels like a personal loss even if you haven’t met them.  The death of a celebrity can trigger a number of emotions. Here is how the death of a celebrity impacts our mental health?

Well, celebrities are the people we idolize. They are the people we connect with and when they leave – people will numb. Whether it is cancer, suicide, overdose, accident or any other type of death, it can hit a nerve. The death of a celebrity impacts our mental health so much because that the news is everywhere. Your turn on the TV, tune into the Radio or even take a look at your social media, you just can’t avoid it. The constant exposure to videos and photos, make it hard to break the cycle of tough emotions.  Last year, the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput affected millions of his fans. In fact, a lot of his fans died by suicide after listening to the unfortunate death. The social media was flooded with his old videos and images and it became extremely difficult to come to terms with the news.  Another year, another star left us and the reaction is the same.  Fans are not able to process the death news of Sidharth Shukla.

“Celeb deaths are triggering one. It feels like a personal loss because we are so connected to celebrities. We admire them and love them immensely and it felt like numbness and make us anxious”, says Jagisha Arora

“It just makes you feel numb and thoughtful. A celebrity is someone who means something or the other to every person, no matter they know them or not. The loss becomes personal. The grieving on social media just overwhelms the situation even more. Makes the loss bigger. Makes the loss more heartfelt. And yes, it does give reassurance too that you are not alone feeling the loss”, says Ishika Agarwal

Constant exposure to such news can take a toll on your mental health. It can make you anxious. 

In that case, it is important to take a break. Here is how you can help yourself to deal with the situation.

  1. Minimize the use of Social Media:Social media is a powerful tool and these days it is hard to get a break from it. But try to minimize the use of social media after the tragic incident. After the death of a celebrity, a lot of content is put up on social media which may not be authentic. It can also act as a trigger for an individual who is already distressed.

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  1. Hold on to the good memories:It may feel like a personal loss ( which is common) but try to hold on to the good memories. The person may have gone but what they gave you is still here. His or her memories give you the reassurance that these memories will always be yours.
  1. Do not forget to monitor your emotional health: Loss is a stressor and can trigger a number of health and mental health problems.  Take your time to grieve but do keep a check on your emotional health. If you are showing signs or symptoms of depression, it is important to seek professional help.

Note: It is natural to cry, feel sad,  or even angry at the death of a celebrity, you should be aware of how long you stay in the same state. If you are not able to get over it, talk to your loved ones. Get professional help to keep your mental health in check.

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