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Juthi Khabro Ka Asar, Fake News that Went Viral This Week

Let us take a look on some fake news of this week

Fake News in the form of Whatsapp forwards, photoshopped pictures, fake articles and in many other forms. Now, the phenomenon has taken a step ahead and even taken a violent turn.

Let us have a look at some fake news of this week

‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ in Muzaffarnagar!

Fake news: A video showing a huge crowd of people congregating at a place is being shared on social media with the claim that it shows thousands of farmers attending the ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh that was held on September 5. Here is our fact-check. 

Fact-checked: Here is our fact-check. The video is from across the border of Pakistan and shows the funeral prayer of Tehreek-I-Labbaik Pakistan Chief Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi. 

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Kejriwal hates Gujarat!

Fake news: A video clip of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was shared by some social media handles to claim that Kejriwal ‘hates’ the people of Gujarat. Read fact-check here by the Quint.

Fact-checked: The original video clip is from the speech of Kejriwal. The Delhi CM can be heard referring to Home Minister Amit Shah while making the remark. Therefore, the viral video is taken out of context.

Kashmiri Pandit objects to cow slaughtering in Srinagar!

Fake news: A video of a quarrel over cow slaughter in Srinagar is being shared on social media. It comes with a claim that the man, who can be heard objecting to the slaughter, is a Kashmiri Pandit.

Fact-checked: We found that the claim is misleading. Read our fact-check here. The man, who is identified as Arif Jan, hails from the Muslim community. He was objecting to the place of slaughter as it was next to his house. Hence, man objecting to cow slaughter in Srinagar is not a Kashmiri pandit.

Alcohol distributed in farmers’ protest


Fake news: A video is being massively shared online to claim that the reason behind the large number of people attending farmers’ protests is not their concerns regarding the farm laws but ‘alcohol’. In the video, it can be seen that alcohol was allegedly distributed in the farmers’ protest.

Fact-checked: We found that the video was from the annual Mela (fair) held at Baba Rodu Shah Dargah, in Punjab’s Kaunke Kalan Village, and not the farmers’ protest.

Twitter suspends Nicki Minaj’s account

Fake news: Multiple social posts claiming Nicki Minaj’s Twitter account is suspended. This news went viral. People claimed that this action was taken after her tweets over vaccine’s side effects.

Fact-checked: The claims are fabricated. ‘Nicki Minaj’s Twitter account Minaj’s account is live and all her tweets are accessible.

Pakistan is aiding the Taliban in the attacks!

Fake news: Indian news channels reporting on developments in Panjshir valley, Afghanistan, aired footage claiming ‘Pakistan is aiding the Taliban in the attacks’

Fact-checked: The videos are misleading. The channels sourced footage from video games and old clips.

Another Man Stomped in India like Assam!


Fake news: Pakistani users claiming that an incident like Darrang has happened again in Assam in which an attempt was made to kill a Muslim. The video on social media is widely circulated now. The video shows a police officer jumping on a man who was lying unconsciously. It is being said that this incident is similar to Assam’s encounter video, where a photographer jumped on a dead person, and today a police officer repeated the same incident.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. This clip in a video report of Indian Today dated June 24, 2011. According to reports, some villagers of Bhajanpur were protesting against the construction of a factory wall. It was creating trouble in the movement of people. The villagers had demolished this wall, due to which a clash happened with the police officers. The police retaliated by firing in which 4 people were killed. Later the police officer who jumped on the body of the injured man was arrested.

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