Mumbai Diaries 26/11: From Ananya to Chitra Das, Women Stood in the Crisis

From Ananya to Chitra Das, women of Mumbai Diaries 26/11 led in the crisis

26/11 incident was perhaps one of the scariest attacks the country had encountered. From the lives of the people in The Taj Palace to the lives of hundreds and thousands of patients in Mumbai’s Bombay General Hospital, the incident tested the bravery of all. It was the combined effort of the police, doctors and the people in crisis that successful rescues were made. While many lost their lives in the incident, many lives were saved and for reasons, we need to acknowledge the efforts of women who were there in the crisis and managed to battle strongly.

From Ananya to Chitra Das, women of Mumbai Diaries 26/11 led in the crisis

Ananya – the woman who managed to rescue the Residents at The Taj Palace

Ananya (played by Tina Desai) is a woman in her mid-twenties who was the manager at The Taj Palace heading an extremely prestigious event which was attended by dignitaries from all across the country. When the first attacks happened, Ananya was given the responsibility to maintain peace among the guests. And well, she simply used the best of her intelligence to do it. As the situation worsened and getting no one to devise a rescue for them, Ananya, with her fair sense of the logistics and understanding of hotel routes, managed to rescue her guests.

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Well, had she not been a woman, the task might have been a bit easier for her. While she was figuring out ways to maintain peace and calm, she was repetitively questioned for her leadership skills as she is a woman. “Who gives authority to a woman,” Dr Parekh said to Ananya to which she said, “this woman will keep you safe”. She battled the distrust people have in her rescue plan, she executed the plan and managed to devise safe exits for her guests, not once, not twice but thrice. Apparently, she is the one had close encounters with the terrorists among all the protagonists in the series but with her conscience, she managed to deal with the worst.

Chitra Das – The Unsung Warrior

Grit, passion, wisdom and resilience. That’s how Chitra Das’s is. Chitra Das’s character, phenomenally played by Konkana Sen Sharma, is of a woman who is the Social Development Officer of the Bombay General Hospital. This woman is a medical professional who can’t practise irrespective of the knowledge she has. She knows the history of almost every patient of the hospital but even in the situation of crisis, she was not allowed to operate on any patient. Yet Chitra is the one binding the whole situation. She has been called out for being a woman, shamed for not having a licence to practise the profession yet she knows how to withstand them all.

Sujata and Divya Parekh

Sujata and Divya Parekh, the two practising doctors who have their first day in the hospital got to have perhaps their worst day in the life. Sujata is a woman from the minority community who is constantly called out for being so. Yet, she remains unaffected by this and continuously fights to save patients and maintain peace in the situation. Parallel to this, Divya Parekh who has depression and anxiety issues, manages to stay calm even with the news of her parents being in the same Taj Hotel from where all the dead bodies are coming. She manages to help people resume in whichever for she could.

Nurse Cherian and Vidhya

Nurse Cherian and Nurse Vidhya are the ones who know the in and out of the hospital. These two subordinates were the ones who were needed by all, from the head doctors to the patients to the visitors. The moment when the head of the hospital, Subramaniyan came to her and said “chin up Cherian, it’s time to save this hospital” it showed what Cherain meant to the place.

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