Kaam Ki Baat

Kaam Ki Baat Karona

Aim of the Section

This program has been created as an ideation group for Nation building – to find
areas where we as a Nation need improvement, and find and generate ideas to
create a happier, more abundant and healthier Nation.

The idea is to observe the different Nation building programs of successive
Governments, of society at large, and learn from them – both positive and
negative – so that we can move ahead in a positive direction, instead of finger
pointing and fault finding.

We have a very long way to go on almost all indices – health and sanitation,
education, job creation, safety, corruption, equality, transparency, and so on….
We are aware. That is good. However, the trend has been to fault find, rather
than solution finding. The good news is that we are a nation of more than 1.30
billion, with some highly intelligent and an overwhelming majority of very
patriotic citizens. We just don’t know how to go about improving our lives. That
is all.

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This is an attempt by OWN media group to pick up topics of concern, invite
Citizens, experts and decision and policy makers, and policy implementers to
discuss – in a civil environment – without faultfinding, discover solutions, and
implementation timelines, and follow up with the implementing authorities
about the fulfillment of set landmarks.

For this, we have a few unique tools for genuine active participation of citizens –
OWN VOTE, and OWN COMMENT. These tools, a part of OWNTV an app, will be
actively used in our programs – both static and video for people to participate to
alleviate the problems, and thus make our own and our future generations’ lives

Have a news story, an interesting write-up or simply a suggestion? Write to us at info@oneworldnews.com

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